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My chest is no longer heavy,
My heart is light like a feather,
For have decided to let my worries go,
Have let the grudges die.
I've chosen love over anger, bitterness and hatred,
And for the first time in my life,
I know what it means to be free.
Just like a light, you appeared
Illuminating the darkness away
Just like a glimpse of hope, you came
To resurrect the still bones in me
Just like a breath of air, you filled my lungs
Storming death like a flood
Just like yesterday, I was gone
But now am born again.
Just random
Why waste time planning everything out?
Why not just leave it to chance?

Does it always have to be planned out?
Systematically  running like sequences.
Then why can we never predict our future?
Here I am once gain
Or should i say going on fifth
Repeatedly failing at something
I desperately need
Which others have got in a go.

Some advise to take a short cut
"What's the big deal??? The majority do so".
Just a few Rands to give behind closed doors
And it will be as quick as a snap
A sure deal for never going through it again.

But I find myself with a refusal
Attempted to, but can't get passed the guilt
That would consume me of cheating the principles I stand for
Throwing away my mother's upbringing
And compromising my own integrity.

It hurts to go through it over and over again
Every fail is like a heavy blow in the face
I ask myself, "where is the Lord my God?"
Or perhaps my many sins have caught up with me
And am abandoned.

I now plead for mercy
For I've tried and I've failed.
Weep no more my child
I can see your eyes worn out with wailing
Your heart bursting with argony
And an exhaustion of hopelessness dwelling upon you

Weep no more my child
For I knew upon my death
You would be shattered within
Floating in a river of unanswered questions
Crashed by waves of regret and sorrow
Looking for a way to make it all stop
Perhaps hope to wake up
And realize it was just another dreadful nightmare

Weep no more my child
There is nothing more you could have done
To stop the jaws of death
From claiming my life
For my time had come
But I depart with overwhelming joy and satisfaction
Knowing you were there up to the very end

Weep no more my child
For I made sure you could stand on your own
Am confident the strong person I've groomed you to be
Can face the tides and storms of this world
And the morals I've instilled in you
Will see you through all things

Weep no more my child
For you're not abondoned
Even though they now consider you an orphan
For through your character and every aspect of your life
Am visible to those who can't see me
And within your heart
I'll forever live
What a beautiful place to stay!

Weep no more my child
In you am alive
I feel my blood running through your veins
My strength radiant in your muscles
I see my courage in everything you do
And in your reflection I see myself

So weep no more my child
For am still here within your own self.
That's what it looked like
But alot in mind.
The beginning was hard to find
Neither could I guarantee it's end
For a series of pieces
Lay scattered all over the place.
Speechless I should say
Yet at the tip of my tongue
I wanted to let it all out
For it flooded in my head.
Confused in my own thoughts
Yet I wanted to give it a meaning.
Curious to know what it is
Yet even it's owner remains lost
At the twist of its peddles.
Fallen apart into ruins
Broken into pieces
Far from the twilight of technology
Buried by the doom cast upon it.

Mist of dust is the air we breathe
Littering of ******* sweep across the streets
Filled with crowds of people
Each chasing their own path to make a living.

In their mist i see wretched hands extended
For a Samaritan to save their weathering bodies
From the hunger that claims their lives.
I watch passersby ignore their presence
Perhaps lost in their own world fighting their own demons.

Accumulated wealth in the hands of a few
The ruthless dictators
Who have stripped this country of everything.

Cries of the poor and helpless vanish
Like a thread of smoke in air
For onto deaf ears it lands.

It's like the forgotten city
Left at the mercy of the reigning demons they serve
No one dreams of its redemption
Perhaps in the hearts of a few
For hope forsake those who persevered
And faith flee from those who tried to hold on.

With nothing to hope for
Days come and go like they never existed
People live and die like ashes blown by wind
Injustices became a norm.

Corruption is a permanent resident
Rooming freely and no one cares to mind.
Epidemics sweep across the land snatching lives of many
For they face no resistance.

It's the way of life
A common phrase used by those
Who try to name the devastating reality.
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