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Maine    I play ball and write a little
Trenton Hartford
Naples    I'm 17 and I write a lot about my parents and my life but sometimes I work on other subjects. I'm a hard cover book ...
John Paco Casillas
Casco, ME    Born and raised in Boston From Roxberry and picked up the art of poetry in Middle school when i found out i can enunciate words ...
Paul Phillip Elliott
Maine    Hey I'm Paul, I don't really know what kinds of poems I'll be writing I kind of just...write whatever I'm feeling. I'm a recovering poet.
Abi Perry
USA    I am a 18 year old slam poet from Maine. I have been writing poems, lyrics, and short stories since I was about four years ...
Nina Messina
27/Non-binary/Pittsburgh    Drifting, transcendent. Published poet, traditional & digital artist just trying to persevere. Use they/them pronouns for me, please and thank you!
Max Evans
voiceless language
Cam E
Maine    everything is black and white for a reason

— The End —