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Justin Zheng Jan 25
being left on read
is like being left to bled

asking for help
but getting none

being left on read
is like being left to bled

i hate being left on read
it ***** because i care too much
Justin Zheng Jan 13
this coffee is bad
it tastes like terrible ***
man it makes me sad
this is ****** coffee ****
Justin Zheng Jan 13
sometimes you just have to write
not write but flow
get in the zone
the mental nodes
connecting words and rhymes
letting emotions fly
unruly and into the sky
like pigs flying
in the sky
guess what im drinking
hint its coffee
Justin Zheng Jan 11
bad leads to okay
okay leads to good then great
this is a haiku
my second haiku
you don't want to see the first
or maybe you do
this is not a haiku.
Justin Zheng Jan 11
There’s nothing quite like you
relentless; controlling; exciting
these words melt into synonyms
words that cannot extract
complete meaning
just words
words are just words
boys will be boys and girls will be girls
and words will be words
i look into my eyes
and i finally see somebody looking back at me
these are the words
that are bleeding out of me
words bleed into my screen like pen ink
Justin Zheng Jan 11
it's been a while
since i made you smile
talking to myself again
at home with my brethren
breathe the air i speak
no longer am i meek
these words are mine you see
but share with you i do
this was like the definition of poetic
Justin Zheng Jan 11
i don't know where i'm going most of the time
i just have this feeling in my mind
sometimes i just kinda close my eyes
and let the words take the mic
don't even think twice
slow at first but then it melts
into a glacial river; filling this moat
of literary water
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