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Juls Mar 8
amidst all these chaos
i am but a withering flower
polluted and diseased

a wonderer, wondering
where will i ever belong
in this big, bad world

i am but a flightless fish
caged in this contaminated aquarium
with all the floating, dead fish

a lawless city
filled with outlaws
committing crime

amidst all these chaos
i am but a lonely boy
yearning death
as time passes by
  Feb 17 Juls
Jack Jenkins
My guard dropped like an anvil from the sky
I never knew I was up so high
So alone
Freezing from the inside
Hiding lies in lust when love would've done fine
//On love and loneliness//
Juls Jan 7
you were as elegant as hummingbirds,
sipping dripping nectar.
as soothing as the sea shells,
clenched within the sandy shores of Miami.
as gentle as the raindrops,
pouring down on a Saturday afternoon.
and as I slip into a deep sleep of euphoria,
I can only think of what little memories I've left of you.
I hope you're well.
Juls Jan 4
honey, you'd lose the love given to you
but darling, promise me
to never lose yourself
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