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Julianna Sep 2013
But I still think of you
But I still answer your calls
But I still love you
But I still miss you
But I still want you
But I still long for your touch
But I still text you back and say "I miss you too"
Julianna Aug 2013
A kiss can mean so much:
Lust, love, affection, longing, passion, desire, senseless, scandal, foolish
Julianna Aug 2013
I can wish on an eyelash
Or even a dandelion
But nothing will make you
Come back to me
Julianna Aug 2013
I hope you see my face again
In a crowded cafe or subway
And we meet eye, only for a second
But we walk away
Julianna Jul 2013
Whisper in my ear
All the things I would
Like to hear

As your finger traces down
My spine; I lose hope for
The last time.
Julianna Jul 2013
I think about you
And all you said to

I think about the way
Your hand lightly
Traced my spine.

But when thinking gets
To be too much, I sit
back and realize...

You were never mine
At all.
Julianna Jul 2013
Do you stare straight
Through my soul?

With those electrifying
Blue eyes you stare
Straight through my soul.
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