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JR Morse Aug 2015
color me in all in
the lines outside
color' my veins
sorrowful and blue
tongue fingers palms

color me in all in
black to the edge
every crime every sin
deep to the marrow
admonition colored
all in

color me
color my world
my coast my shoreline
the country i am in
once again
All Rights Reserved
James R. Morse, NYC  2015.
JR Morse Sep 2013
.                                                                ­                                                 .
.                                                            ­                                                     .
this swifter's grift -
lifting loosely
fitted accoutrement

lourden fruit
carelessly held
silkened, gimlet lit
shamelessly rivened
to a paler shade
of need.

enchanting seed
may confer
a grander banquet’s call
but, this tug of
grandiloquent oblige
and politesse . . .

master and slave consort
black and scarlet
swift of tongue and fingertip
unbound so neatly
and leather blind

tell me muse of the anger flesh on fire
is there really dignity in defeat
that eludes the victor

tell me muse of the truth in nature
ill-graced tail-lamp broken
is destiny all ways ordained in contradiction

tell me muse do hearts all times submit
to the beacon call
shyness long forgotten
narrative so harshly written

as ne'er before
with an insistence
ageless yearnings bellow  
as glazened shadow

if reason sleeps
there will be no learning
no refuge
only to each
for their crimes
a four-chambered riddle

All Rights Reserved
James R. Morse, NYC  2013.
"The higher we fly, the smaller we appear to those who cannot."
JR Morse Dec 2012
.                       .                          .
    .             .          .               .
       .    .    .     .     .     .     .    .    .

     i     stare  at  a  docile  ocean
           waveless   sun   accosted
           dark and shadow edged
           tinned with men's brave
           history of misconception     i


           - Leviathan  ?

                       As sure as hope setting sail  -
                       Past shoal, past shallow,               
                       So each chase begins.
                       Lines parsing out,  
                       Expectations coyly

                       -  Leviathan  ?

                        Pray please this narrative be drawn :  
                        Truth for sake of safe harbour;
                        Stillness without caution;
                        Softly ripening dawn;
                        Jupiter and Venus descendant,
                        Celestial promise anon ?

                        -  Leviathan .

         the casual violence of life
             the worst kind
    not casual really   but whats violence anyway
      few knew why    why ask why    the few
     once  the  dice  flipped  get
       its         a flying             a mind            a dunzo game
             gravity responds  we hope              hope together sake
                             to    gether

we   short the freaks   short em all   them freakin freaks      freaks
           i want you I want yours
             i want to take  you over
                  take control  take over
                        29' k         kontrol        all night                                                        day
­                             long             time                                                                end  time

                  everthing happens forfurfor                                      fit                         ­ ur
              once and done     nature                                           forfeiture
                     reason                  or ur other        or ur another                         or ur a altogether reason
                                                          ­                    or simple GP          drunkworld
                                          ­                                                            reason                               nurture

                        surprise my ripest faither                                                          ­                     less
                             5 rise  10 run                                                   huh
                   up the                   down and dumb
            dumb  ber                   right left        left                                                            right thum ber

                             number one                                                 number
                                                          ­                                      numb   ber
                                   one                       ­                                     ones
              ­                  under                           
                               ­   ~                                                                ­          

All Rights Reserved.
James R. Morse, NYC  2013.
Dedicated to the Memory of Graham Rothaus and Joel Shapiro;
and the spirit of Sybil Kempson
JR Morse Oct 2012
Every Circuit
                             There -
     (and)               By
     (this)               X - pressed.

     And ...
     Consider                     (ed) -
     This .
     And ...
     Consider                    (ing) -
     This .

     This .

     As You Wished,
     This  Uninvited
    Sovereign -
     This ...



     I            (Mist)


James R. Morse, NYC. 2012
All Rights Reserved.
JR Morse Oct 2012
The  Kristeille  Bra :
And Other Pathways To   -  ( Disaster ! )

Polarities :    so smartly empowdered
And,  petitely enslaved -
Potentialities ?
- In extremis, I'm afraid.

But if thus were so, then ...
(Even thinly veilled) ;

Let us duly consider :
Are our appetites (fe\male)
In actuality and fact umm,
Needlessly Manichean;
The torments of
noisy Siblings ?

Why, after all I ask,
only two -
You ?

To the Medici
Roundly go the
Battle and the day !
       (And sublimity)
(Or so the legend
goes ...... )

For those who favour
such Palantines,
(and gravity)
a throne.

For  :
Pure symetry confounds my interest -

James R. Morse NYC  2012.
All Rights Reserved.
JR Morse Oct 2012
a man who understood his fate, all too well ?
who hid a great deal of himself, out of necessity ?

but, while designing machines of war,
possessed it seems, a gentle and inquisitive nature.
critics say the discipline necessary to ward off
boredom, was lacking.

at his height of power, he was not without detractors-
as the many patrons in his thrall, put their money not on
his beautiful red chalk , but the poet's quill.

hat's off to this well trammeled scullcap
and victory
bittersweet  !

All Rights Reserved
James R. Morse, NYC.  2012
JR Morse Oct 2012
I.    Parting The Seas
      With Their Acid Tongues

Have you seen the herd
Their disparaging words
Ever felt their burn
Their teeth newly
Their letters
capped boldly
And augered in -

Never ?

Parting the seas
With their acid tongues
Overzealous murderers
Twirling their guns
Finger painting
In puddles of blood
Far and above
The multitudes,
Fainting  -

Prose, my love ?

They're but disgraced mystics
Moneyed for nothing
Soon to face their own
Caustic hmmmmm,
Hatred's vast acreage.
For an ill wind
Blows no one good -

You don't say -

Ask anyone.
Or haven't you heard
Page Six -
This is the way
Inside !

James R. Morse, NYC 2012.
All Rights Reserved.
Media at the expense of human frailty.

Referencing to :
"Atrocity Exhibition"   Ian Curtis, Joy Division.
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