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Joy Onyango Sep 2018
Love thy neighbour as you love thyself
I am thy neighbour, but you do not love me.

When "our way of life" is not really 'we' but your perception  of who I should be.

We are family.
Until we disagree.

On the treatment of those who identify as LGBT-
Q - for Queer
Something you claim to fear
Something you love to leer at

Must our realities be the same,
Must our differences cause me pain
Must you hurt us, condemn us, curse us and shame

How powerless you must feel
To attempt to halt a love so real
We will not let you steal
The beauty; the life that makes us surreal

We will continue to love
We will continue to laugh
We will continue to live
You cannot break us in half

I am your friend
Even when you're not mine
This hatred will end
And one day we will all shine

- signed, Rafiki
Joy Onyango Jun 2018
You are not your past
You are not your doubts
You are not your failures

You are
You are
You are

You are everything you are meant to be.
Anything you make of yourself.

You are you.
Fearfully and wonderfully made.

Find peace in yourself.
Love yourself.
You are deserving.
Joy Onyango Jun 2018
One droplet falls
Catch it
Don't let it go
Hold it tight
Not too tight.
Too late.
A wasted drop. Wasted life.
It slips under you.
You slip over it.
Feel the string tighten around your neck.
"Catch me"
One body falls
Joy Onyango May 2018
The moon orbits Earth
Tides rise and fall in balance
And all is at rest
Joy Onyango May 2018
Mama always said 'pain is beauty'
Mama also said I look so pretty by your side

Papa always said 'love hurts'
Papa also said for those you care for you would die

Grandma always said 'time heals'
The wounds may leave scars but you can cover up your thighs

Mama always said 'pain is beauty'
Maybe that's why I love you, because that's how I am designed
Joy Onyango Mar 2018
I pray that one day
you will find the strength to say
how you truly feel

I pray that beneath the smiles
and the laughs and cries
you will find something real

something new
something true
something for you
my love
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