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Joseph Macias Apr 2015
It's been a long time come in
How do I begin this again
I feel I've said these words again
Strange feelings never seem to change
Let me just change this whole thing
I'm going to start it my way
Never will I let it go their way
I'm fighting this battle my own way
I'm tired of weak thoughts invading my space
No more
I'm going to think twice
Not making the same mistakes
Focusing on the choices I make
Looking forward to the promise of tomorrow
There's no letting go this time
Wisdom will guide me
Hope will carry me
Waiting for the title
Joseph Macias Apr 2015
I feel in pieces today
Wanting more than what is
Struggling to put it all together
Holding on to you and the pieces
Why must I feel this way
Praying on my knees
Tears roll down my face
I know I'm made to love
Made to love you everyday
Was I meant to feel this way
Was I meant to feel broken
Trusting you relieves the struggle
Your unfailing love everyday
Will help ignite the way
I'd do anything and everything for it
I'd give this life away
Just to be beautifully broken
For you everyday
Joseph Macias Jan 2015
I don't know what to say
Where do I start
Should I even begin
I had this journey
It needed to be done
It wasn't my choice
I'm back now
I'm ready I think
There shouldn't be distance
Will endure this together
I won't leave you
I'm with you forever
Joseph Macias Feb 2014
They're certain people you crave,
Feeling lost in their ways,
Trapped by emotion and delight,
Screaming for more, more,
You can't get enough,
It burns,
The sensation is overwhelming,
Endorphins explode with delight,
You quiver from the sensation,
Tears of complete satisfaction
Joseph Macias Feb 2014
In the night I crave,
I have no motivation,
I know what to feel,
I know to breathe,
I know to love,
Why does it feel so,
My mind aches,
It trembles with confusion,
Like a child I am lost,
Someone save me
Joseph Macias Feb 2014
Let me try something more than just breathing, you tried to see me but you didn't understand me, I forgave you for nothing, you remembered me for everything, let me go of this journey, it'll be better without me, nobody could see it coming, but we fell apart, words meant nothing, love came and went, the way you treated me will be a memory, time will pass, thoughts of you will come and go, its okay to feel sorrow, we learn and grow for tomorrow, this life is a journey, a journey you'll have without me
Joseph Macias Jan 2014
I new a lot of you
Turns out I just knew me
It's strange how it all goes
I was on top, nobody could see
Now I'm just trying to get up
This life is hard, but I won't give up
Problems come just with different faces
I carry nothing, but big faces
Some say I'll never be enough
But I'm strong enough
I'll be here today, tomorrow and forever
If not only in your memory
Prayers and me are all I need
I want you to be more than what I need
Sometimes this life won't let me breathe
I strive to succeed
I am a man who needs
Wanting everything for free
knowing life is hard work
A man can dream
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