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Jordana 5d
There exists no mortal luxury
Which rivals the pure delight
That is quiet companionship.
To fill silence
With notes of congruence
And to look out at landscapes
With bonded visions is to feel
Most poignantly
The righteousness of
Human existence.
I believe in these moments
Of softened connection
And strengthened ties,
In which I may feel that
I am one with you all
and we are meant to be
In combined presence.

There is not much to be sure of rather than beginnings and ends, but in the abstract in between I am grateful for friends.
It was a quiet, foggy day and my friends and I stood silently at the dock of a pond and looked out together. It was a very beautiful, whole moment, and I was touched.
Jordana 7d
I desire for a man of shadow
Who beckons to my internal night.

I pine to join a darkened fellow
And relish shared lack of light.
I fantasize of a stolen corner
Where he and I may quietly intertwine.
I wish to imbibe soul's ink of another
Whose dusk is kindred to mine.
Jordana 7d
To admire a beautiful woman you wish not to know her thoughts
Lest her image be tarnished by possible contradictory unbecoming’s
Which may reside
In the active mind
Of an active other
Rather it is as we please
To keep
The object of our fancy
Within constraints
A figure to paint
A portrait to take
An image of untouched delicacy  

And so I look at you and fear the words
Which strive like petals to bloom on your lips
There is a certain mystery to you
I know that I will miss
If I hear your worldly views
You may dim in curious glow
If I learn your sense of humor
The wonder of you might go
And so in hopes to safeguard
That unforgettable,
Mystical charm
I hold you secure
For in my eyes you are
Like a butterfly in a jar

To me you are
A winged thing
Adrift on the airs of secrecy
With demure peek
And a smile sneak
I ache to see you flying
Yet there lies the danger inherently
That your skyward course
Would take the route
Of your hidden truth
Which is at odds with my envisioning

Hence I pledge to know you not
Beyond what eyes may take
This is a jar
Which remains sealed
That your beauty may never taint.
Jordana 7d
I am a forest of many small fires.
Matches tossed carelessly
into tinder which waits fervently
for the touch of a sparking disarray,
I am all at once a smolder and senseless blazing flame
and the smoke which billows away from me reeks arrestingly of shame.
And so I am ashes,
purely enveloped the black sickening airs of ghastly passions,
insisted becomings and hasty stashes,
I am shame
and attempts to mask it
seem to disintegrate like the cajoles of yesterday.
I am a forest of many small fires which have melded into one,
as the blurring of myself with the long observed sum.
As dust dry bones to the carcasses of slain,
the creatures of innocence whose tried escapes but in vain,
I slough the suffering of a thousand drunkards on the undeserving lips,
of the meticulous sparrow’s sloppily incinerated nest.
I am dissolution to good and my flames stand to show,
of how easily destruction may pass for personal growth.
Jordana 7d
How we fall into each other.
Such whispers of congruence,
I release in your presence—
I knew not there could be bliss
So rapturous as this
On the day when strangers’ bated glance
Took upon the winds of our happenstance.
I am clouds and airy delight,
beams of freshened, fearless light
Unfurling through leaves spring sweet.
Skin decorated with kisses
Like precious footsteps which retreat
Into the embrace of a forest
Blanketed in loving quietness.
You smile to mine and I am lifted.
High from the atmosphere which binds me in mortal day,
This night-softened realm of sweet affection is the place
Where dream is interwoven
With down-feather words spoken
Isolated from time and structure,
With earnest and openness you look into me
And to my heart you beckon so smartly.
My precious darling,
in moments which feel elongated by shortened breaths,
So eternal is our belonging
In the grooves of traced caress.
To dance with the
communication of poised lips—
As one,
In shared bliss—
I am transported to a peace
Which I know only to be
The grace of when
you fall into me.
Jordana 7d
Find a love which breathes like spring
Crisp clarity to eager inhalation.
Find a love like citrus bursting
From ripe rind’s awakening sensation.
Find a love like fits of laughter
Which tear open the fixed closure of tears
Find a love that leaps toward the infinite
Sprightly and slightly as the startled deer.
I am one who finds this love
In stirring touch and prolonged gaze.
I find a love who brings to me
Spring’s breath in winter days.
Jordana 7d
With besmirched heart
And eye downcast
In present we sit
Under weight of past.

“This need not be”
To me you assure.
Words so gently
Coax me to ignore

The pain that was,
The hurt that remains.
Curiosity that struggles
Against fear’s restraints.

Prey once trifled
Knows traps, snares, rifles,
And paves far paths
From hunter’s past trials.

And so I built
My wayward course
Now thrown by you,
Your softened remorse.

“This can be changed”
Comes deftly from the lips
Which bore my precious passions
and lent a love remiss

And within the swelling silence
In which the whole world leaned to me
I struggled with divulgence
Of the longing inward teeming

“We’ll have to see”
To you I tentatively supply
The relief of pursuant’s success
As your gaze dives into mine
I sense the creeping disarray
Of the desire I once knew
When naive doe fell to trap
As naive does tend to do.
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