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Jordan Adams Sep 2012
God, Sin, Love, Evil.

The four aspects of my life.
I shall put my evil deeds in the past
while bearing my sins with this left arm.
I will always turn my face to the Lord and follow
while fighting for what I love with this right arm.
Jordan Adams Sep 2012
Occasionally a fire dims
Ever lower and lower until it is a speck
A speck in the darkness
Destined to fade from this world
Already facing the end it weeps

Tears of isolation
That dampen its soul
Cold and alone
Wanting of nothing
Ready to face and embrace darkness
When a candle comes to its side

It gives the little speck light
Without fear of consequence
A part of itself begins to grow in the tiny flame
It grows and grows until it is a burning star in the sky
Even the sun becomes envious

All it took to create this beautiful light
Was the acknowledgment of another
To realize it had a friend in the dark
For without the light of friendship
Every soul would fade

Go forth and rid this world of darkness
Do not turn aside from a failing light
Run to its side
Bring it into your arms
Protect it with your hands
Nurture it with your love
Guide it with your mind
Watch it grow with your eyes

Watch it grow until you can no longer look
And it shines in the sky for all to see
So one day when your light begins to fade
The star will come back to you
To help you rise once again
Or to be with you until the very end

An end where you look around
And see all the lights of love
So that you can feel their warmth
To let you know that you are with friends
Friends who will shed tears at your end

Not tears of sadness
Tears of joy
For the wonderful light you were
That saved them from the darkness
The light that will live on in them
Ready to give to the weak

No light is to small to save
To dark to lighten
Not as long as there is a candle in the dark
To become apart of your own flame
And guide this world into a beautiful tomorrow

A tomorrow where fires burn bright
Dreams come true
And souls are at peace
Jordan Adams Sep 2012
The magic of religion
brings hope to many a man
it is what guides us
without it we are lost with no plan

It is the light clearing darkness
bringing sight to the blind
leading us toward the right path
bringing joy for us to find

Yet through all of these miracles there is no peace
different beliefs bring war
martyrs die on the daily
people end, moving no more

We must move past hatred
the truth behind religion is not anger
the meaning behind religion is not war

It is faith
It is peace
Jordan Adams Sep 2012
People are always fighting
gunfire oh so blinding
a soldi
Er yells and the bullet flies
a child unknowingly falls to die
families don't h
Ave time to morn
young rebels have hearts of scorn
old dictators have **C
are for the poor
they only want to fill their pockets more
it seems that the wars will never ceasE
all anyone wants is worldly.....
Jordan Adams Sep 2012
Women are wonderful things,
they give men a light.
But no matter what she brings,
you will always have a fight.

Women are the holy chalice,
they keep man moving forward.
But beware of their malice,
for you will have no reward.

Women have a scorn of thunder,
do not treat them wrongly.
They forgive many a blunder,
for they have feelings strongly.

Women are many things,
they put man in the dark.
Queens of our beings,
keepers of our heart.
Jordan Adams Jan 2012
Hear me my God, my Father, my Lord.

My heart if filled with dark and dread.
I'm afraid I wish to just be dead.

Despair holds me with a force.
I'm afraid I'm not on course.

Guide my heart, guide my soul.
I will pay any toll.

Bring me back to my right of mind.
So that I will be forever kind.

Thank you my Lord, my Father, my God.
Jordan Adams Jan 2012
There is a demon in every soul
Every day it continues to grow
Please do not give in to it
For it has a heavy toll

It picks away at your mind
You can't fathom the pain
It tears, cuts, and carves
Soon the light you can't find

From it you try to hide
By day you have friends
By night you have a glass
**** it will not step aside

You try to pray
God does not answer
The devils' grip tightens
You only look for the end of the day

I'm trying to find the light
My shoulders are sore from sin
The demon is laughing
I am losing my fight
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