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Mar 2013 · 989
As Seasons Dictate
Jon Welch Mar 2013
A darkened scar across my eye
a lightning  crack against the sky
this morbid creature standing by
this place where horror tends to cling

What God has cursed you with this frame?
your crippled form,  your branches lame
but let him speak and he'll proclaim
"I'm far more tame in spring"
Mar 2013 · 533
The Silence Never Waits..
Jon Welch Mar 2013
Every day of his life spent in evasion,
watching every move of the nation,
In moon glazed eyes, reality sets in,
a tricky situation, enter deathly grin,
He needs the rush, to cure the burn,
He shouts out to the sky,
and as he waits, no answers heard,
to elevate his mind..

The silence never waits, as the victim never asks,
the music of the scdene dies, focus on his mask,
the wagering of life, as breath wears thin,
no time he can place,
where it all begins..
Mar 2013 · 1.3k
Sweet Seed
Jon Welch Mar 2013
We welcome the girl,
alone it would seem,
like a seed in the updraught,
whole worlds lie beneath.

Here is the girl,
A mind pregnant with dreams,
as she crosses the bridges,
connecting the streams.

There lands a girl,
ghouls taunt, ghouls tease,
"let go of this love, girl,
be rid of these dreams."

Come see the girl,
speaking tounges through machines,
white draped over candy,
embracing the terminal dream.

Heres lies the girl,
most wouldn't believe,
the ghouls taunts a mere whisper now,
dream easy, love freely... my sweet.

— The End —