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John Stevens Jun 2020
Stan is  ninety two on  this date    
still waiting at Heaven’s gate
where his Love
went on before him.

Some day soon
he will join June
Where the light
will never dim.

Time has past since
he hugged her last
now, the pain
unreal at times.

He knows she lives
where God’s Love gives
us Peace and
love so sublime.

And now….

His mission fulfilled
In what God willed
the race will end
never more to roam.

He made the right choice
The Angels rejoice
God’s forever Love with June
Stan will be going home.

Never more to roam.

(C) 06-14-2020
John L Stevens
Soon to be 92
John Stevens Apr 2020
Every where I go these days
I see many many a crow.
Some are black some are white
Many colors they do grow.

They tackle many hard jobs each day
Holding together what would fall apart.
The crows get together in very tight groups
And accomplish much until ripped apart.

Then I found out in my observations
they all had the same first name.......

Lunacy prevales when all alone.
Wife read it.  Gave me a rather funny look. Shook her head.

John Stevens Apr 2020
© 1-24-2006 J.L. Stevens
Oh Mary do you see your Son
High upon the hill?
Your Son has come to this world
To do His Father’s will.
Behold the Lamb Oh Mary.
High upon the cross.
Behold the Lamb who shed His blood
To rescue you and me.

He finds me in my deepest need    
When darkness comes around me.
He gives me peace in my soul    
And sets my spirit free.
I am baptized with His Spirit
He meets my every need.
Behold the Lamb of God
High upon the throne.

Behold the Lamb of God
Who takes away my sin.
Behold the Lamb of God
Who cleansed my heart within.
My name is written there
In the Lamb’s Book of Life.
He is the great I Am.
The Savior of the world


Oh Mary you are with your Son
The Savior of the world.
John Stevens Mar 2020
The chirds are burping,
the blowers are flooming.
The droys are beaming
Of firls so gine.

The dees are boing
what dees bo best.
So loys bet's do
what dees bo best.
Hind the foney.

(C)2010  This drove the chell specker crazy
Repost after 10 years.
John Stevens Feb 2020
Paddy - Year Nine
Nine  years since you sat upon the rock
Sitting there taking stock
of things of this world
and things of the next.

A Poets heart since you were young
the written word delivered by tongue
lives on forever in the heart
of those who've read to never part.

You ran the race with no disgrace
Inspired others to take their place
In the words of true poets to be
Filling the hearts of all they see.

Thanks again Paddy Martin


Read Paddy Martin at:
Many do not know about Paddy. Read him. Enjoy.

He passed from this world nine years ago.
John Stevens Jan 2020
At the H &W office
Sat two Bowls.
They did not hold rolls.
One with mints
Sat on the right.
One with condoms
Sat on the left.
Some bright fellow
Put them together.

They were serving....
Slow day.

Ok. I admit I’m the bright guy.
The lady behind the counter was not amused.
No sense of humor I guess.
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