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john oconnell Nov 2010
The world

does not care

if your days and nights

are torn asunder

by the crimes and tragic mistakes

of yesteryear.
john oconnell Nov 2010
I hear, now,

the traffic of time

speeding on into

the gaping black-hole

of the avaricious

and all devouring

john oconnell Nov 2010
Land of pain

and complaints

teaching it's young

the miserable lessons of failure

and injustice that went cruelly mad.

An island

with rugged shores

that turn in

on it's own populace.



and falling 'fatefully'


into the puddles

of it's own demise.

All that remains

is an emerald sadness

filled with living ghosts.
john oconnell Nov 2010
Distance stretched
the length of our nearness
that time in the park, the Phoenix Park,
when the deer fled from our coming
and you, silently with the sound of thunder,
walked over there knowing that I, being unsure
and trying to think the reasonable thing,
would follow when desire was to strike out
and savour the wounds of a false pride.

But then the November darkness came quickly
where you had come to stop
and swirling leave shoals
rose and fell like souls
praying for the next rush
to lift them higher
before a distant bell
rang out my destiny.
john oconnell Oct 2010
Come into my heart forever,
horizontally and vertically
to the greatest distances and heights.

Come and be with me in every step
and breath I take.

Come and share all the toil and hardships
of this mundane existence.

Come and divide it all
in pain with the occasional
scent of heaven.

Come, my love, into the womb
of my future.

Come, my love, come.

Come and stay for infinity!
john oconnell Oct 2010
When I am as

a rusty frame resting

in the dump

of it's own miserable present

I can but hope to become


for a new spring.
john oconnell Oct 2010
With the ever increasing tempo
of time sprinting forward,
like a thoroughbred gone frantic down the course,
the years of yesterday
dress in both the most alluring colours
and the most heart-rending sorrows.
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