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                       Every act that day
                       revealed their involvement,
                       in their regions, blood pools lay,
                       as deep dug the predicament,
                       death and displacement left all awry,
                       cries of agony crawled, crumbling all.
                       JUSTICE! They have drawn a blank today,
                       branding them WAHESHIMIWA, the gall,
                       visiting us with ‘aid’ and false word, here in the tent,
                       where they just shove us in the recent,
                       their dope remains in minds of the awakened,
                       in those suits we see spooks  good at demolishing
                       stretch your hand and dispense a mete from them
                       for in you we reckon that they will pay.
WAHESHIMIWA-Swahili word for respected leaders

— The End —