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John Mahoney May 2018
Good Morning John,

How are you and your Family, I know you will be shock to come across my email. I hope my proposal to you will be given a proper attention despite the fact we have not known each other. But I summon the courage to introduce myself to you through this medium. I am Mr. Claude from the Bgfl bank Côte d'Ivoire
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I will be waiting for your mail

Remain bless.
Claude Issac
John Mahoney Jun 2015
(and i found you, already on my mind)
by John Mahoney

the morning sun rushed lazily
   down the long, cold winter morning to me
the cold outside, was terribly unkind
the wind howling in the sky so grave
     like the day, you wordlessly went away
(and i found you, already on my mind)

then you walked in so gracefully
   you took my breath away to see,
as our love, become entirely entwined
my life once again in utter disarray
     like the day, you finally decided to stay
(and i found you, already on my mind)

June 15, 2015
John Mahoney Dec 2012
don't call out her name
she will not
there is a hole in the bottle
a blanket on the floor
the hallway isn't empty
shoes scatter when they fall
don't turn at the corner
or start towards the door
the light from the window
never reaches very far
shadows cast the grey
the grey narrows to a point
meaningless gradual losses
have taken her astray
don't turn away
you can't reach her anymore
John Mahoney Dec 2012
it is winter,
although warm days
deceive us

dead branches
brown lawns

now, finally, in a winter's
black night
giant, sodden,

the sky clouded
     full of snow
to make the night sky

we stand
each wielding a shovel

sharing the joy
in this

         in which
the universe once again

seems to work


it is the bond
of the shared moment
which generates an
intensity of

a perfect understanding
between souls
strung out along
the driveway

shoveling snow
in a cloud of grey
John Mahoney Sep 2012
there is no middle of the night
     only a beginning,
endlessly recurring,
by the body's vigilance
alert, for that hint of pain
like a woodland deer downwind
from his hunter, wary, agitated

woke last night at two am
walked out into the woods
down the drive to the intersection
all aglow from the blue moon
i can feel you in the muggy air tonight
     in the blue of the corona
and in the weight of the moon

when the new day dawns
we will seek visions
fully splendid with glory
but harder to hold, and
we will recognize each other
perhaps for the first time
for what we really are

but for now in the moonlit
street, standing here alone
all losses reassessed
to become as nothing
in the weight of the moon
in the soft blue
With apologies to John Darnielle for stealing some of his beautiful language. I just could not get his song Against Pollution out of my head!
John Mahoney Sep 2012
morning sand chills my feet
damp grains cling between my toes
a predawn morning cold
mid-August summer day

down the beach
i watch hawks circling
hunting the tree line, they
work the shore grasses
a narrow strip of tall plants
between beach and wood
circling closer and closer
     coming to me

they soar a steady breeze off the lake
hunting prey which i hear
scurrying frantically among the tall grasses
the hawks circle now directly above
white bodies with dark wing feathers

in the beach house
hang two paintings by a local artist
children playing on this very beach
chasing one another and crouching in the tide-pool
shown in fine detail
especially for water color  
yet, i notice, the children
have no faces, merely brown smudges

that night, sitting
around a beach bonfire
sparks jump from burning logs
about me forms glow red
i see these faces too appear as
like an infant
     at it's birth
John Mahoney Aug 2012
i laughed and answered, no,
i have not written anything new
it is summer, after all, no moods
no times for reflection, sweet remembrances,
bitter musings banished
summer needs no poet, for
summer should be for the living of it
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