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John McCove Mar 2021
the famed recluse suddenly opens the shutter
just to peek out at the world
stinking of bleach
you’d better have a sharp nose
if you are blind
if you can’t distinguish
between black and white
your only crutch is
filling up your stomach
to get some warmth
at least
deep down inside

the illusion of life
sighted are those
who crack its invisible meaning
they hit the target
even though
they might not really mean it (so)
never batting an eyelid
never thinking twice

the blind ones touch anything smelling nice
always reaching out
for some sense
do you need to keep rolling the dice (blind)?
in the end
you are doomed to choke with carbon monoxide
don’t take offense
where is your mind?
it’s high time for you
to decide
started in the midst of lockdown, was trying to reflect on the current situation. left it at that, unable to finish the way I'd like. the words best fit for the ending found me almost a year later
John McCove Feb 2021
huge icicle falls down onto my head
i remain silent
as if nothing's happened
how are you?
hope you alright?
yes, i'm fine, thanx
no problem
i can hardly speak
no problem
i can hardly breathe
no problem
i can hardly feel
no problem
now i see
you can hardly live
that's life
that's how we all live
John McCove Jan 2021
A blessing in disguise
There’s enough salt in a salt shaker
To make it exactly twice
Excess carbon dioxide
In the air
Snow on my teeth
A phrase stood there
Frozen on the tip of my tongue
Kept it to myself
Nobody got it
No light
For the rest of the day
For it’s winter
Some more
Restless sleep
Then spring, summer,
Fall, winter...
And spring
(Back to life)
John McCove Aug 2020
having wings
obliges you to fly
à toute allure
we do quite well  
having just 0.5
time will start running backwards
i will stop thinking at all
and won't fall asleep
all I want is
having those wings back
John McCove Aug 2020
we will fight
against you all
all the time
we will beat
our head against the wall
we will die
and you will notice that
for sure
you will cry
but no one helps you
John McCove Jul 2020
How come
Your head comes off
Sneaky little smile
On your face
Calling me back
Don’t get into a flap
Caught into a trap
Your savior behind
Pushing you back
How come
John McCove Jul 2020
Guiding light
Tender is the night
Coffee is black
Milk is white
Shall we still mix it?
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