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joel hansen Sep 2013
i write this for all those who have lost themselves in the pursuit of making someone else happy.  WHY, why do you lose yourselves? Was it worth it? Did you find what you hoped to find?  Or in the end is he happy and you, your alone at 2 AM in the morning, trying to find something, someone to bring you some semblance of love and happiness.
joel hansen Sep 2013
You saw me smile
I hid my pain
You heard me laugh
The tears you never saw
You held me tight
You never knew i wanted to run
You watched me sleep
You never saw the nightmares
You heard me sing
The anger you never felt
You thought i was happy
How wrong you were
You never knew
joel hansen Sep 2013
Does it ever end
Don't you ever get tired
Of the Billshit that is

The flies that circle
the stench that reeks

It suits you I guess
This lifestyle of yours

You must be happy this way
A life in that filth

One day you'll see
All the things you lost

Maybe then you'll see
You chose the ******* over me

— The End —