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Joanne Fuda Dec 2019
A Clear Picture
Ok this is me
I am above all else kind
But I can be cruel to be kind
I am compassionate
But humankind has to take responsibility
I am spiritual
But as I the teacher speak I also need to listen
Mostly for myself
I am self and still Self I am
I am Priestess Protector of the Laws of Creation
I buried the book in the sand along with the Jewel
I am 1(singular) and I am not coming back
I am funny and bright
Yet cast a shadow
I am innovative, expressive
Provocative and bold
Yet shy
I stand tall but have cowered and had my roots torn out
Still I grow
I am told I am beautiful inside and out
I have a sparkle in my eye and the powers of persuasion
I am passionate but choose abstinence
Like sugar and bread
I hear music in my head but do not play
I hear songs but do not sing them out loud
I write poetry…when I was young mostly about circles
Now love and this stuff
I love to be shocked …
Into new ways of thinking
I am not fearful of what may be just what is
I try to believe in 6 impossible things before breakfast
But I eat late
I am loyal, loving and honest
I used to wear my heart on my sleeve now I keep it under wrap
Except for you
Your journey may take you to a harem in a desert of love
You will eventually stop to replenish in water
I will wait patiently for you to see me there
With no reflection I will wait
Swimming in circles
In the process of summoning up new poems, I had to revisit my old ones. Thank you for reading..
Joanne Fuda Jan 2014
When I asked my mama how she stayed young
She said,

"By always having someone to be desperately in love with that you can't have. By always having a Muse"

And we sat
under rain
watching with
the same golden eyes
the wonder of the dark driveway
with the old filing cabinet
that we still haven't moved.
Written by my talented daughter - I love you sweetheart **
Joanne Fuda Jan 2014
I miss Your lips our kisses our legs intwined with curled up toes. Our grace. As the ocean is to the sea, you are home to me.
Joanne Fuda Nov 2013
The sun rises on a hilltop by the mountains, it breathes life into old and swallows the cold. Between the land and the sky dew glistens. It smells like the beginning..
Joanne Fuda Oct 2013
Caught inbetween.. fires rage, waiting for lightening, hoping for rain.. We dance up a storm. Little feet, medium feet, 2 feet 4 feet, one big foot! We howl with the wolves.. helicopters fly overhead, primordial forces, sophistcated technologies - centered by water. Mother nature commands the earth and sky.. We are ants in the aftermath
Joanne Fuda Oct 2013
Listen listen to the echoes of your past.. Let them guide you through the gates of wrath.. Be still hush feel the motion of water underneath your boat and *follow the tide back to shore
Joanne Fuda Sep 2013
Sweet dawn
Sunrise, day
You must leave the night queen's bay..
Spy lovers lingering
Love still goes on
See the wonder
The light in the night,
The sigh of my heart as the arrow strikes
The tune in my bed
Races around in my head                                            
You..  with me..
Let the music play..
Wine and verse, parry the chord
Take my breath,
*Don't say another word
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