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Jo Fo Aug 2013
one word
used as a charm
When you get oh so humanistic-
and panicked-
Through the smog of your angststaranxietystarconcernstardespairstardismaystardoubtstardrea­dstarhorrorstarjittersstarpanicstarscarestarsuspicionstarterrorst­aruneasestaruneasinessstarworrystarabhorrencestaragitationstarave­rsionstarawestarconsternationstarcowardicestarcreepsstardiscompos­urestardisquietudestardistressstarfaintheartednessstarforebodings­tarfrightstarfunkstarmisgivingstarnightmarestarphobiastarpresenti­mentstarqualmstarreverencestarrevulsionstartimiditystartremblings­tartremorstartrepidationstarbĂȘte noirestarchickenheartednessstarcold feetstarcold sweatstarrecreancy

and breathe
and don't spare
a second thought
to the past
You are Heaven-sent
Dont.   You.   Dare.   Forget.
Jo Fo Aug 2013
A few days before the ice broke up
I lifted my head and looked into my brain.
The heat had risen so swiftly.
The coo coos could hardly sing.

I called and the wind came
From the mountains I would never visit.
Like a leaf I fell into myself,
Hoping to hide my yourself

But it was all a dream
Waiting to end so the day
Could make its beginning.
I had surgery and this is what I wrote in my drug-fueled haze.
Jo Fo Aug 2013
I saw you there
And the neon signs and your tears
Reflected in your irises
Made you more beautiful
And the alcoholic haze made me believe
If just one night could work
You could come with me
We could have our happy ending
We could leave this life and place
And your dress ****** from engineers schemes
And I love that forgotten woman
More than the orange trees and John
But for our child she gave her life
And I still love her
That Vietnam Bride
Jo Fo Aug 2013
I am concerned
That you are my desert spring
And I will drown in you
That I haven't felt like this
In a ****** long time.
And I will forget
I am concerned of tying the stem of your flower-kite
And gluing it to a brick.
And I will forget my nature
To drag you through the thorn bushes naked.
I am concerned
That You will make me
Happier than I have been in a year
Of purgatory
Only for me to leave.
And I am concerned
That I may
Fly this plane into a building

and say a four-letter word
Jo Fo Aug 2013
THE COWBOY* says as he walks into one more bar before heading further west
He sits down at the bar in the Bronx and laments the sorry state of
LOVE and her love the POET
How small and sickly they've become, he groans
He tips the brim of his hat further downward to spy a couple sipping wine
Who *finally
discover the seriousness they need to chase out all of the monsters and ignorant ghosts that are invisible and chew
THE COWBOY rocks back in the stool to contemplate the unrequited love of a LONELY IMPULSE OF DELIGHT he remembers a womangirl who couldonly see one side of him and so gave him THE RED COAT so he wouldn't forget the importance of child hood to a freeman.
BETSY walks in
and he bids her a
Just an homage to one of my favorite playwrights.
Jo Fo Aug 2013
Baby, I'm a shark
I'l blow the cigarette smoke in your face with a smirk
And say the sweet words
So you will shed your skins
With a wink
Like a demonic Santa Claus
And do un-catholic things
And un-Atreides things
Run little girl
I will take bites from you
With a wink
Only the prime rib
The best parts
Cracking your essence like old eggs
To send you scurrying to the next one
To the next house burning down
The next predator
Please forgive me
I am so sorry
Jo Fo Jul 2013
Oh! Honey Honey
Can I be the Honey on your leaf?
Stickily clung
and so sweet

My name a remembered taste
On the tip of your tongue
and so sweet

So why not?
The air is cold
The bees are tired
won't have to fight for long

My Honey
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