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I give a little
in the

Between scientist
and poet

Empirical evidence and
that empire of the self:
A queen peering over
her dominion with
weary malaise
Made a fire
made of fire
maid of fire

Lit made me

Held a flame
helm a flame
held aflame
on the beach

Lit made me
Mojo LowJo:
not quite the
chimp in a
purple cape

No triplet of
enemies beset
against me

And still yet
met with demise:
thwarted poetry
on the rise
Lungs in the sink
mixed in with
the pink

smoke slinking
gray tincture
In sheets and stone
presently wrapped up
nice and tightly tucked in:

A close embrace
of the earth

Play mountain- with the
hill a slide- the slide
a hill and the swing

Drawn up on all corners:
the equating shift
of gravity and the
I was shore
that could not
leave the sea alone

The waves floating
my way while
I think of how it
flows and the way
my loose sand goes

The sea waves towards
the shore for the
calm in her:

He waves
onto my shore
-incessantly- calming her
Constitution pollution:
the constable ruining
the ******* consecration

A soluble solution:
grape sipping blood
letting to fully bless
the humors
Hypocrite tournament
put the hippos in a

Turnt a bit
too turned up

Two ton tummies
summo wrestling,
who will win?

Mounted champion
munching on
A hypo-hippo-perbole
I've less
patience than
I remeber,

and my day
is sufficiently ruined
It's your own fault though lol
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