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Jhoerina Honrado May 2016
You're the cure
that ache the disease
out of me.

Jhoerina Honrado May 2016
At 2 am
millions of people
are wide awake
numbing the ache
from a love that was fake

someone asleep

At 2 am
millions of people
already sound asleep
in their dreams they keep
when awake they weep

a pillow
no idea
they're being missed

Jhoerina Honrado May 2016
Caught up with a fear
of losing you,

so I

try to keep you
that I let myself disappear

try to remember you
that I've forgotten myself

try to hold onto you
that I let myself go

I was too blind to see
that as I try to make you alive
unconsciously I slowly die

Jhoerina Honrado May 2016
what's heavier than
the unbearable pain
& inevitable worries
your heart carry?

what's worse than
a mind lingering a
painful memory?

and what's even defeaning than
an ear hearing
the saddest story?

Jhoerina Honrado May 2016
you said
you've forgotten him
yet you still
include fragments
of him
in your poetry

Jhoerina Honrado May 2016
Staring from afar
under the night sky filled with bright stars
here 'goes the sudden rush of emotions
distracted by my own convictions

Which one really matters?
Continuation of you and me
(is this really better?)
or separation then wait and see
(or is it the latter?)

Looking back at the moments that have transpired
wondering where it all went wrong
it is truly a love that we once desired
now I'm afraid it might not be for too long

Maybe we're still a "not yet"
so for now, "I bid my adieu"
and when it's time
then, "I love you"

Jhoerina Honrado Mar 2016
You're broken,
but try to mend
You've fallen,
but you pretend

Feelings remained
but he left
Life has changed
but love was kept

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