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Jesus Cruz Dec 2013
Let's play a new game.
One we've been playing for years.
Let's call it Hide, don't seek.
Hide your feelings well brother,
Don't let a girl find them.
Hide your secrets well sister,
Don't let that boy find them.
Hide those thoughts of suicide kid,
Don't let your mama find em'.
Hide those insecurities pal,
Don't let your father know them.
Hide that, hide this.
Don't let anyone successfully seek.
Write a poem, write a book.
Hide those words, don't bother to look.
Don't you tell the world your worries child,
You know very well this world is wild.
Save that poem as a draft, you ******,
Don't you dare open your eyes you sucker.
Wipe those tears and fears away,
Forget your worries, forget to pray.
Hide the scars around your hands,
Don't let your teachers find em'.
Hide your lips, how dry they are,
Don't let your girlfriend find them.
Hide your dried up tears my love,
Remember no one cares.
Hide your hunger well my bro,
You know that food is theirs.
People that don't follow these rules
Will be disqualified by morning.
People that decide to break them,
Will be followed by deep mourning.
Starting now, you're one of us,
This is the game we play.
Starting now, you must hide, not seek
It will all be good some day.
But hide that little hope my friend,
For you know it shall not come.
And if you're scared at all my friend,
Just chug it down with ***.
That's all we all can do now,
We can no longer tell the truth.
We all are now playing this game,
I call it **Hide, don't Seek.
Jesus Cruz Nov 2013
She has the summertime sadness.
I just got winter time sadness.
She sat in the back of her own car.
Car I was told to drive by him.
He is the guy she sits with now,
Now is the time I want to die.
Dying could come so easily
Easy behind the wheel.
Wheels could take the wrong turn,
Turn down that icy road
Road that invites me so warm,
Warm with the smile of death.
Dead like the heart of my girl.
Girl in the back of the car.
Car whose stereo now howls
Howls Summertime Sadness.
Sadness is a state of mind,
Mind controls your body.
Body that wants her close,
Close enough that you can't touch her.
Her. She.
She will be the death of me.
My heart can't take the pain.
Pain I've never felt before
Before I sang that song with her.
Her. She. My Love.
Love will be the death of me.
I will die with, for, by love.
I will be the death of love.
Jesus Cruz Nov 2013
Nicolette, why do you try so hard?
To run tears down your face.
Nicolette, why do you think so hard?
About that one evil place.
Nicolette why do you think like that?
You just can't seem to understand.
Nicolette we've told you times before,
We're holding out our hands.
You can trust us, run away with us.
You can like us, you can stay with us.
Nicolette, we don't wish to change you,
We just hope you take our help.
Nicolette, what would you do?
If one of us needed that help?
Would you extend your hand like we do?
Would you open up your arms?
Nicolette, we really trust you,
We just don't trust the things around you.
Nicolette, we're here to fight with you.
We're here to make you stronger.
Jesus Cruz Nov 2013
I’m scared of touching you.
Of putting my lips on yours,
And tasting the truth.
I’m scared of holding your hand,
And that you’ll never let go.
I’m scared of getting too close,
And not being able to back out.
I’m scared of letting you love me,
And that maybe I’ll love you back.
I’m glad you trust me,
But please stop telling secrets.
Don’t whisper in my ear,
Don’t sing my favorite songs.
I’m trying to make you stop,
Stop the spread your disease.
Disease people call love,
Love I’ll never know.
Knowing how to love is an art,
Art no Mozart could draw.
Draw me closer and you’ll see,
See my bad sides and my truth.
Truth you just can’t bear,
Bear to hear from me.
Me, myself and I,
I think that’s all I have.
Have been like that for ever,
Ever and ever I’d like to keep.
Keep me close but far away,
Away from love, from it all.
All that comes with hiving hugs,
Hugs that hold no meaning.
Means that I don’t want you
You to want me back.
Back is where I want to go,
Go where I felt safe.
Safe and sound sounds good to me,
Me, myself and I.
I like the sound of that.
That’s the way I want it.
That’s how I belong.
Please don’t hold my hand,
Please don’t hold my heart.
I like you how you are,
You like me how I am.
Let’s not change that right now.
I like where I belong.
I’m scared of changing the alphabet,
Putting U right next to I.
It would mess up absolutely everything.
Me, Myself, and I.
I like the sound of that.

— The End —