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Jessica Hambrick May 2010
And they say we are the mad ones. Rebellious in spirit, and reckless in life. We walk with fire beneath our feet, careless about everything. They say our eyes are blindfolded from reality and we live in a dream. Burdened by their words, we find ourselves following their black ties and white lies. We begin to see with their obscured eyes and hear with their clouded ears. But I say to you, do not fall prey to their snaring teeth. They do not make you, create you, or shape you. We are the pearl of mother earth; a beacon of light bestowed on those in the dark. Tumultuous and free, we are creating a world of color in front of us. Hold the torch up high and set fire ablaze to our trail. Make love your religion and insanity your hymn.  Live vicariously through words, poems, music, and the soft whispers of another. Open the books to your lives and begin writing. Do not swallow society‚Äôs propaganda or be tamed by their whip.  You are spirited, talented, and wild with passion. They will give you a map with lines and arrows. Unabashedly you will throw it away; your compass lies near your heart and will guide you from here. Nestle all fears in your coven. Fear keeps bad company and chases away your dreams. Capture your dreams and bear them upon your chest. They are the scapegoat from reality. Love as if you never have before, for it is the only thing that holds us together. Without it, we are mere beings living in a structured frame. When you wake, hold each day as its own. We are wise, beautiful, and simply wonderful. Sing a tune, laugh continuously, dance circles around strangers, and kiss a friend.  Be joyous. But most importantly, be mad.

— The End —