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Jess Kovach Apr 2013
My heart longs to entangle your own
Open the eyes to a world unknown
Where we are free to awake with the sun
To fill life with joy while we are still young
Before this idea of life blinds our hearts
And our time is over before it starts
To awaken with me you will find yourself
Find true happiness without anyone else.
Jess Kovach Apr 2013
My soul is searching for its other half.
I am whole; I am simply seeking my compliment.
I long to explore the world in search of them.
To grab hold of life while taking hold of their heart.
I need a love story to believe in.
Jess Kovach Feb 2013
What I desire is as simple as the sounds of the sea.
It doesn’t take much to awaken the spirit in me.
To be one with the wind and the rocks I lay upon.
As my body is consumed by mother nature’s song.
Her rhythm, it flows through every cell I possess.
While the melody sends goose bumps down my spine and my chest.
I am at peace in this world I get lost in some times.
Where my mind is free to wander, my thoughts to unwind.
In the absence of judgement, of fear and of fate.
The stress no longer present, replaced by the unknown and the great.
Jess Kovach Feb 2013
The pull I feel from your body to mine
Your crooked smile sending chills down my spine
The sparkle, it’s rare, but it’s there I see
In your eye, catching light, when you look at me
The world you seek may not be hard to find
Forget your thoughts and just open your mind
The possibilities that will unfold
Begin your life, you are free of the mold
You know where to find me, down by the sea
The sparkle is something I’d like to see.
We’ll sit on the rocks, waves crashing beneath
No words spoken, we will sit and just breathe.
Take in all the sounds and scents of the waves
We are free from worry, no longer slaves
Free to love, to relax, to seize the day.
Open your heart to the words that I say.
Jess Kovach Feb 2013
I speak my mind, but the words fall short
Lost in translation, for you to distort.
I’m lost in a dream, you say with a smile
Do you dare get lost with me for a while?
Through my eyes isn’t such a terrible place,
Life just moves at a bit of a slower pace.
I can appreciate the beauty, all it has to give
I cease to exist and I begin to live.
Just take my hand, I’ll give you a glimpse
Into a world you say is a myth.
But what is life, if not our perception?
In time, you’ll find, you’re in the right direction
Let go of the negative that brings you down
All the thoughts that seem make you frown
The worries, the doubts, the pain you feel
Follow me and I’ll show you what’s real.
You can stay for an hour or as long as you wish.
Your mind is free with nothing to miss.
Don’t try to fight it, life is but only a path
For our souls to create as each day will pass.
If you are blinded by thought, the beauty goes unseen
And for you my views will continue as obscene
But open your eyes, forget your life for a moment
Truly see the world as it is unfolded.

— The End —