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Jenny23 Apr 2014
Can't you imagine what would happen,
If there was a store for happiness,
Called Happy Mart?

How can one stand advertisements there?

"50% off all basic smiles!"
"Buy 1 giggle, get another free!"
"Introducing the new Jar of Laughs! Now in aisle 3!"
"Dump your frowns here↓. "

At that point, what is happiness?
Should it be considered something free?

For the people of Happy Mart,
have you ever thought of the idea of
the pursuit of happiness?

Their reply,
probably due to the withdrawal of their smile dosage,


This sounds ridiculous because we have been taught that happiness
was the true fulfillment in life and that we shouldn’t be so materialistic.

But the truth is,
This is normal.

The concept that humans are never completely fulfilled fits here.

"I must get this!"
"I want that!"
"I need my coffee!"
"I can't live without my cell phone!"

We use slips made of cotton and linen to satisfy our needs.

I guess this also has to do with the history we had experienced.

People back in the days would marry someone because
He/she had the sufficient amount of money and stuff.

Oh, wait.
People still do this.

But really, our happiness should not depend on things bought by money.

I understand that we live in a world that money can't be avoided.

At least take a moment and breathe,
that you are here and admire the clouds in the blue sky.

— The End —