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Jenny Jin Jan 2014
What is a hug?
A sweet embrace?
Arms wrapped around
to hold us in place.

A sweet reminder
of how much we
were missed.
A full body contact
that screams
Don't leave us please.
If I could. I would scream at the top of my lungs each time I hugged a person so dear to me. Don't leave me please, don't leave my arms. When you're here it feels like home. And to the people who's soul yearns for them, I hug them indicating You are not alone. It's not just a hug to me, it's my whole being that I outstretch to them. You are not alone.
Jenny Jin Jan 2014
I was a child filled with wonder
filled with love and curiosity.
I was a child who loved questions
and to wander without anxiety.

Not even a year old
had my heart turned cold.

As a child,
I was relied on,
depended on,
beaten on.

As a child,
I only knew pain,
and how life
truly was.

Life wasn't fair
not even to a child.
Not to a child's heart
without a care.

Only a few rays of light
shed through the cracks
in the wall of my heart.

Not even an adult
had my eyes become
so old . . .so alone.

The only thought that remained
"Become stronger. Stronger.
No limitations, no excuses."
I had to be stronger for her.
So she wouldn't crumble.

I have become stronger
but I have become a stranger.

My strength leaves me though,
when he holds me tightly.
His arms become my home.
and his heart is my life.

This was my answer,
she has also grown stronger.
I have been on autopilot all along.
I should have just known.
I am Strong on my own.
But I am Stronger
with the friends I have found.
Jenny Jin Jan 2014
Every year I'm a different age.
Every day I learn something new.
Every second I remember the pain.

My heart burns sometimes
for all the goodbyes
that left me behind.

My body aches every so often
through the cuts that toughen
and beg to be reopened.

Through the darkness
my heart screams

But over again,
I meet someone new,
I love with half-a-heart,
and I learn the absence
of love-- I smile again.

Jenny Jin Jan 2014
Why has it come to the point
where life became as complex as this.
It's all about money,
and the people you don't know.

Why do you care so much?
About this and that,
when we have just lost someone
who will never come back.

Just be happy and be you
The more sadness around
the more the heart hurts.

Smile, be strong,
remember and don't forget.
That's the saddest thing
you can possibly do.

— The End —