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Jenna Lou Apr 2013
My eyes caught sight of your weak, trembling body.
Mummy was rocking you,  
The bright lights were shocking you.

The mighty light,
With all His might,
Brought a beautiful miracle,
Into my life.

As the mighty lord made special attention,
To produce a boy,
Of absolute perfection.

While high command,
Ordered my hand,
To take you to,
The faithful land.

That I did,
As my wish came true,
When I was given a brother,
As perfect as you.
Jenna Lou Apr 2013
The undeniable pain slithers through my innocent body.
They can’t see it,
Only I can.
I scratch and slap,
I just can’t stop it.  
It takes over me and I can’t control-
the thoughts,
the hatred,
the fear,
the resistance.
It strengthens and strengthens,
until my mind is under its command,
it’s the Merlin of the mind.
And I’m under its spell.
…. Who will break the spell?
I am told that,
only I can.  
And once it’s broken,
I can be free.
And finally expose the real me.
Jenna Lou Apr 2013
People scatter the beaches street,
Like seagulls hunting their scrumptious prey,
Engulfing the happenings of mainstream life,
While ordinarity and friction stray.
Their blindful stares,
And mindful glares,
Induce a sense of
Frightful fares.
Children play,
While adults delay,
Their naive beliefs,
From ambiguous thieves.
Day after day,
Continuity stays,
Defending us all,
From genuine praise.
Jenna Lou Apr 2013
My weak eyes slowly push themselves open.
Light slithers through the splits.
Undermining my incoherent cornea.
Manipulating my apathetic mindset.
My stiff muscles stretch as the optimistic birds tweet.
My delicate palms clutch onto my mattress.
My body mindlessly lifts itself up.
A potentially-rich day awaits.
Waiting for my struggling body to grasp the inherent prospects of the present.
Jenna Lou Mar 2013
Staring in the mirror,
Her heart and mind snapped,
Despite her shield of stars,
She couldn’t stay intact.
The thoughts,
The voices,
The temptations-
To change,
To be,
To see
Were all unseen.
Jenna Lou Mar 2013
The rain patters onto my empty chest-
creeping into the enchanting chamber,
waiting to seize the incorruptible mess,
that engulfs the conviction of my progress.

The slaying of happiness,
the revitalisation of weaknesses,
corrupts the mind,
inducing a sense of bleaknesses.
Defending its prey,
from any possible delay,
in disrupting the body and mind,
of any drops behind.

My body slithers,
into nonexistent jitters,
attacking my mind,
from all of life’s glitters.
Jenna Lou Mar 2013
The unimpeachable glasses are fogging,
as they tentatively ignore the premonition,
while ignoring the suppressive partition,
that defends themselves from submission.

The eyes detect,
with unreasonable rest,
the hazy, shadowy terrain,
that prevents them from pain.

If the mugginess stays,
and the heart embellishes the fade,
then the glasses maintain,
their authoritarian reign.
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