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I dreamt of being
a petal of carnation
and a soul worth freeing
from benevolent provocation
I dreamt of gazing
at a lucid manifestation
while being hit by winding
of analogous emancipation
I dreamt of deterring
myself from having melancholy eyes
a peculiar of covering
serenity in the epoch of lies
I dreamt of inducing
an act of spirituality in aeonian highs
a psychedelic erasing
the notion of the God that dies
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Trapped in our reality marbles,
there’s an endless supply of anxiety
All bound as metacarpals
the five sinister hail to the almighty
there’s an endless supply of anxiety
But god doesn't let us remain slightly.
Just in the nick of time
I saw you writing your own rhyme
That stopped me from facing you head on
For an instant I thought you were also driven by the same hormone
whenever a melody strikes me
i talk with the nature
often playing with the tree
having folly as a wager
whenever a melody strikes me
i stop looking for a knife
to set free
myself from this life
whenever a melody strikes me
i search for a place
to stabilise the pace
of naïveté in glee
whenever a melody strikes me
i close my eyes
let slip the lies
and introspect to meet Thee
Some of my thoughts are about self-concern
some will cause your heart to burn
some are like winter season
which spread chills without a reason
i never wished to be sorted enough
my words come better in the rough …
a gap of comprehension
between me and myself
i wander in the lands of pretension
to know what’s in the shelf
a gap of comprehension
lies there when a kid shouts
noise of attention
to find mother’s whereabouts
a gap of comprehension
exists in teaching and learned
a welcoming of opposition
to get what was yearned
a gap of comprehension
is there whenever i write about God
a scribble of solicitation
to get away from societal nod
walking on the street
he saw a horse
of glorifying feat
conveying to him the course
of the pious meet
a faint folly of spirit
he uttered as he saw the elite; horse
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