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jay wilson Nov 2012
Im youre gaurdian angel I protect you from being hurt.
But you still dont believe in me but in the shadows you still lurk.
When i see you, you dont see me I am there for you in the time of need.
I read your name on this piece of paper and wish to be by your side.
But for you to love me is for you to decide.
I looked at you when youre asleep and image you actually need me please give me a chance.
jay wilson Nov 2012
You are still little in every way.
May be cause you are five .
You are my brother so we fight.
Next time I see you you will be supprized.
You play video games and ask me to help.
But I don't always want to.
But when the time comes and you need help badly shout my name and ill be there.
Come on little brother  lets go and play today .
Before you pass away.
jay wilson Nov 2012
You are young and beautiful.
You date people who are older and not wise.
You are not a prize but something more special .
You try to impress the person you are dating.
Because you are young you don't know that they should impress you instead.
You're perfect just the way you are.
I wish you could be my lady so I could impress you and try as much as I can to make sure you wouldn't leave me.
Grace is a beautiful name you match it perfectly.
Grace you act like you're in space sometimes but I don't know why.
I hope you atleast read one of my peoms about you.
jay wilson Nov 2012
You're so Beautiful in every way in and out.
Like I use to say to you during fair looks dont matter but when I look at you its diffrent than what I look at any other girl.
people that you dated had hurt you which is a shame.
You dont need people like that really you dont need anyone.
People should need you I always hated life until we talked ya I messed up really bad I made you mad which I regret.

I stopped smoking and drinking for you and only.
But it wasnt enough to make you happy so now im sitting alone no one cares.
Thought you did but I sadly mistaken.
I love you so much you wouldnt believe.
I thought you would give me a chance you called me sweet and I took that to heart cause no one said that to me.
But I got jelouse cause of you and alex.
I tried to fight him and he decline I got really ****** because I lost everything.
Just between me and you those nights that we talked were the greatest of all times.
jay wilson Nov 2012
You're beutiful in every way.
My love for you is never ending.
You're eyes are navy green.
You're smile is perfect in every way.
You are every thing I want in a girl.
You're dating someone that wouldn't treat you just right.
If you give me a chance you will be very bright.
But dont make me put up such a fight.
With the touch of you're lips will make my day.
Now lets just hope I behave.
If you give me a chance it would be you're greatest day.
I will make you feel like a wonderful princess.
Expescially when I get my liceanse.
I will always tell you I love you.
Every night and day.
I will kiss you and hug you until you tell me.
But just give me a chance and I promise you will never regret.
jay wilson Nov 2012
Friends are there for you when you need them. You might have one good or many but friends are cool rather they disagree what you do or not. Friends will back you up in a fight or they will back you up. Friends are there for you when a girl or boy dumps you . They make you feel like  you're wanted . Friends are  like family some better some wrose but don't forget friends are the best .
jay wilson Nov 2012
Oh my love where are you. My love for you can never be forgotten . My love you are everything that I can dream of but when I see you with him it hurts . My love can you give me a chance

— The End —