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Jay Apr 2014
The wind blows with insanity
My mind where can it be

A war inside of me
its ragging like the sea

Trapped inside my mind
just trying to get free
Jay Dec 2013
time to go no exceptions
do what you gotta do
never mind there conventions
there thoughts don't matter
they cant see your intentions
even the most sincere of actions
are altered by there perceptions  

this ground dos not exist
no walls no roofs no floor
we live among the sky
you either fall or you soar
now i sleep above the clouds
it don't rain it don't poor

**** your thoughts i beat the odds
chilling in Olympus
drinking wine with the gods  
smoked a joint with Apollo
he pointed out  your facades
borrowing bolts from Zeus
throwing lightning at these frauds
made it here with my strengths
same ones you called flaws
Jay Dec 2013
i have been battling the concept of being strong
had this mask on for just a little to long
they say just push threw it, its the same old song
but im contemplating that this notion might be wrong
my arms are getting tiered and this storm has not moved
worked my self to the bone but what have i proved
Jay Jul 2013
Balanced  on beams Of light that hang over A pit filled with shadows danceing like the sun he fears the drop but Longs for it to come
Jay Jul 2013
They say you reap what you sow
We planted seeds but let nobody know
If there was a way we could be the path would not show
but you brought your light to my world and I love how you glow
And despite the lack of fruitful future
We let love grow

Pumping the brakes at every turn
Just trying to keep it slow
Even amongst our selves  we kept it on the low
Over time we would ignore the alarming signs
And Against our better judgment
We let love show

When seen Our love blossomed
Uncontrollably flourished
What once was just seeds is now an untameable forest
We made a beautiful symphony from what was just a quiet chorus
a rushing stream of passion
We let love flow

Now out of fear of what Towers before us
you ask me to ignore us
And go cold cover the field in ice and snow  
Turn my back on what we have
Just go on with the show
the one question that I must know
Is how can
*We let love go?

— The End —