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18.5k · Sep 2010
Diversity in the neighborhood
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
Hearing the birds chirp, kids playing in their yards
This is my neighborhood.
School kids going to school, bells ringing
This is my neighborhood.
Parents picking their children up, dogs barking
This is my neighborhood.
People mowing their lawns, kids on their drums
This is my neighborhood.
Yep this is diversity in my neighborhood.
What's yours?
7.4k · Nov 2010
Big Brother
Jason Leimer Nov 2010
We are watching your every move in the airports of america
like the stock market every day.
We are telling you that this is the way you should talk about
other cultures because we are the thought police.
We are telling you that we will close your fun establishments early
because we want to change the culture.
Yes folks Big Brother is watching.

We are demanding you buy into the TSA agenda of taking away your privacy at airports.
We are demanding you sacrifice freedom because 9/11 was our way of starting the New World Order
Yes folks big brother is watching your moves.
2.7k · Sep 2010
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
In our home,
away from the public.
Only our family is with us.
We are private.

No cameras watching us do our tasks
like cooking and watching TV.
Peace, tranquility, this is

Have we lost privacy over the years?
Has that sense of quiet time been thrown to the curb?
Are we watched at every turn even in our private lives?
Privacy something that is or isn't the top priority in our lives.
2.7k · Nov 2010
Control Freak
Jason Leimer Nov 2010
Like ****** over Germany
Like Saddam over Iraq
Like Chavez over Veneuzla  
My father is a control freak.

I want control of everything
Do as I say or else
I dont care what you want
I control you.

I am tired of you backstabbing me
Stop being so controlling
and ignorant you *******
2.3k · Sep 2010
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
The dog is left outside in a cage
Thats disgusting.
The cat is dead in a alley
Thats disgusting.
The government is ******* the people
Thats Digusting.
But you know whats disgusting,
Some people like it.
2.2k · Dec 2010
Local Business
Jason Leimer Dec 2010
Shopping local means your putting money into your economy.
Shopping local means your helping your fellow citizen with their dream.
Shopping local means you are contributing to a good business.
This is shopping a local business.

Shopping local means Wal Mart loses out on your dollars.
Shopping local means Target loses out on your dollars.
Shopping local means big business loses out on your dollars.
Please keep local businesses alive by shopping at them.
1.9k · Nov 2010
The Food Chain
Jason Leimer Nov 2010
The bottom of this chain is scary, frustrating
like a puzzle you can't solve.
You try to move up the chain but it is difficult
then finally you do, now go seize this chance
to become the top animal in the food chain.
You bust your *** to get to the top sacrificing
friendships, relationships, even marriage.

Your almost there, what to do?
Oh I guess I will have to outwit the boss
at this game of human chess and finally
I will be at the top of the food chain.
1.7k · Dec 2010
Greener Pastures
Jason Leimer Dec 2010
The hills over this rocky strech of road are greener,
that contain the things I want in life.
Success, a happy family, you name it.
I am wanting greener pastures. But it is going to take some time like a press conference for Obama
announcing his latest economic plan. Yes the greener pastures are coming its just tough right now to wait for it.
1.6k · Nov 2010
Slow Down
Jason Leimer Nov 2010
I am going so quickly on job applications, I have lost count how many I have applied to.
I am going way too fast in this process.
I am treating this like NASCAR.
Going 200 mph a hour a Daytona.
With one goal in mind a job.
So for once in my life I hope to slow down the process.
1.6k · Sep 2010
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
We spy on each other
Whether for Work
Or Pleasure
We think Privacy
But it doesnt
We all eavesdrop
on each other.
Doesn't this mean
We live in a big brother society?
1.5k · Sep 2010
Being Frustrated
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
While I sit and wait for a job I think why isn't anything
coming for me yet? Is it because of my qualifications, or is it the
great depression of 2010? What is it that is making me frustrated?
Is it the fact that I was beaten by a better canadiate? Or am I overstepping my qualifications? Whatever it is, I am frustrated right now.
1.2k · Dec 2010
My Old Cat
Jason Leimer Dec 2010
My cat is old.
He snors when he sleeps.
He has Arthritis in his legs.
He is a indoor cat.
Except when he grabbed a dead bird and drug it into the house.
Yes my cat is old.
But I love him dearly.
1.1k · Sep 2010
A Rant on Polticians
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
To me the Republicans ******* America,
corporate greed, taxes for the rich, and
cutting education are digusting. Republicans
also think gay marriage and social services
are sinful. Please they are not.

Oh how I wish we were more progressive in some areas
economics, increasing spending, accepting others and
increasing help to those in need would surely make
America a better place
1.0k · Sep 2010
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
My family is diverse like food on a plate at a restraunt.
My family gets along as a cohesive unit.
My family is short on college graduates.
My family are working class workers.
My family is busy and usually has a hard time getting together for the holidays.
My family is awesome.
970 · Nov 2010
Jason Leimer Nov 2010
The business has closed.
Your with out a job.
Yep the city is empty.
Darkness surrounds the building
Like a shadow at five o clock.
Yep your empty as well.

The end has come
Oh why did you have to close?
My hometown Reno slowly
Turning into emptyness.
951 · Sep 2010
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
We as humans are apathetic, whether you like it or not.
We don't care on some cases about who won Idol or
Which celebrity is in rehab. We are apathetic souls not caring
about meaningless crap.

The football team up on the hill, the neighbor that you don't talk to
Yes it's apathy. Apathy is like sitting in your own world not caring about anything or anyone but yourself and if you do that too long
Then it's dangerous.
914 · Sep 2010
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
There is too much information
In society today
TV, Interenet, Social Networking
We are all exposed way too much
To what is going on.

What happened to choosing your information?
To pointing out truth from propaganda?
Truely in America and Worldwide
We live in a era of TMI.
785 · Mar 2011
Farewell my Friend
Jason Leimer Mar 2011
We got you as a companion for Grandma but you were our friend.
We checked on you daily when your master wasnt feeling well but you were our friend.
We took care of you when your master passed away you were our friend
We saw you say mama and growl at your amigo Jenna you were our friend.
We saw you bring in a dead bird you were our friend.
We saw you in your pain at home you were our friend.
We saw you this morning for the last time this morning and we thought your pain would be gone you were our friend.
We didnt know you would leave us.
Farewall my Friend.
In the memory of my Pekingese Kelly who lost her bout with cancer shockingly this afternoon March 26,2011
777 · Sep 2010
It was a Mistake
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
It was a mistake being friends with you.
It was a mistake dealing with your rants.
It was a mistake dealing with somebody lower then me.
It was a mistake.

It was a mistake that I hugged you.
It was a mistake I entered the class with you.
It was a mistake that I let you eat me up.
It was a mistake.

It was not a mistake however to lose you
because you were somebody that
was lower then me.
775 · Sep 2010
Fear of jail
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
We all fear going to jail, the fear of being finger printed, the fear
of losing your freedom, the fear of embarassment.

We feel uneasy about sitting in a cell with no TV just walls and no music to keep you sane.

We are fearful of spending a long time in there if we make a huge mistake or if we just ****** up by doing something stupid.

Jail a place of fear that makes you scared.
760 · Nov 2010
Jason Leimer Nov 2010
I wonder sometimes is my father getting Alhzheimers like
a psychologist trying to figure out someone.
Is he truly losing his mind or is it something that is in his
Is my father confused or just bitter ?
Do I think he is a liar or someone that has the early stages
of Alhzheimers?
I am confused.

He apoligizes like a husband to me but do I believe him?
Do I believe his statement that he " loves me"?
I dont know what to believe.
I am confused.
751 · Nov 2010
I dont believe you
Jason Leimer Nov 2010
I dont believe that youll change
I dont believe what you said
Your still a lying *******.

I dont believe that your attitude towards life will change
I dont believe that youll be more responsible.
Your a pathetic human being.

I dont believe the excuses that you make for work
are legit because your narrowinded.
I dont believe in your character and personality.
750 · Nov 2010
The Mistake
Jason Leimer Nov 2010
I look back at my life and I think to myself I made the biggest mistake of my life.
I should of said something to alert you my friend that it was going south.
I should of talked to your family about this problem I had years ago.
I am sorry I made the biggest mistake of my life.

I should of realized my life is now ruined because I didn't use my brain wisely.
I should of moved forward in my life instead of suffering.
I should of talked to someone.
I am sorry I made the biggest mistake of my life.
736 · Nov 2010
We Don't Care
Jason Leimer Nov 2010
We don't care if you went to college.
We don't care if you have a degree.
We don't care if your educated.
We don't care.

We don't care about your energy.
We don't care about the desire to move up.
We don't care about your desire to succeed.
We don't care

We only care about uneducated sheep.
724 · Sep 2010
The Daily Grind
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
Get up, get coffee, go online
yep another morning in a American household.
Get the kids up, get in the shower, get breakfast
yep another morning in a American household.
Say goodbye to your significant other
yep another morning in a American household.
Go to work. Yep its the Daily Grind.
717 · Sep 2010
The trip
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
We start out as something in our mothers womb's waiting to come
out for the trip, then we pop out like a pimple on prom night ready to begin our journey of life. We cry, we keep our parents up all night and we are adorable. Then we start to grow up and go to school and make friends. After this we begin the tough stage of our life the teenage years in which our life is shaped do we drop the ball or do we run with it? The next stage is adulthood in which we either our shaped by what we do for  some of us it equals success, for some of us it equals struggle. After that we pass on and we ask was this trip worth it?
673 · Sep 2010
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
You just exprienced Randomness.
660 · Sep 2010
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
Americans we are oversenstive sometimes.
We sometimes overreact to news.
We sometimes overreact to statements.
We sometimes overreact to others beliefs.
We sometimes overreact in crisis.
We sometimes overreact to family problems.
We sometimes overreact to animals problems.
We sometimes need to realize that life is unscripted and we
need to react camly.
651 · Sep 2010
The Truth
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
Telling the truth is good
whether your at home or at work.
Because lying gets you nowhere
or in trouble.

To tell the truth may hurt
or help, but it is a characteristic
that is in all of us
Telling the truth.
649 · Sep 2010
The Laws of Humans
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
The laws of Human beings are that
Humans shall help their neighbor.
Humans shall respect the enviornment.
Humans shall not trash the earth.
Humans shall work hard at their job.
Humans shall be friendly with people they don't get along with at work.
Lastly Humans shall not be greedy during the great depression.
631 · Sep 2010
Where is my money
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
Ever wonder where the dollar bills were
in your life? Do you find money hard to come by?

Greed it's in us we want to make the most money
live like Donald Trump or a Wallstreet Broker,

Now a days it seems we ask, where is my money?
I have a answer for you that greed we desire, well we got
robbed by it and now we pay the price.

So when you ask where's the money? Blame greed for the lack of money coming into your home.
630 · Sep 2010
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
I chew on the steak as I eat dinner.
The meat that tastes so good I could eat two pounds of it.
I chew on the vegtables our guests provide us.
They taste so **** good that I could have two pounds more of food.
I am eating a hardy dinner, but for those who can't eat a hardy
dinner what do they think? Do they think that those who eat hardy food are spoiled? Or do they think they have been eaten by those who
have the hardy dinners?
627 · Nov 2010
Jason Leimer Nov 2010
Lately I have been frustrated over life in this country of ours so here are some grieveances I want to air out.
The state of Nevada doesnt give a **** about educated workers.
The wait for work is very irritating like a itch on my back.
I wish I had disposable income so I can shop this holiday season for others.
But I cant because my money is running short.
People calling me about going back for my masters are helpful but too **** pushy.
Yes I have grieveances but hopefully soon these grieveances go away.
623 · Sep 2010
Its fine
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
My life is fine right now
although it isnt good
its tolerable. Still waiting
on work, and I am still waiting
for success to come. My life is fine just needs
580 · Sep 2010
A ramble in The park
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
Oh why are we opressed?
By the propaganda machine in the news media.
And the polticians who lie to us constantly.
Why hasn't the American public realized that
We need to stand up and become smart
Once and for all
And stop being sheep to the machine
known as society.
572 · Sep 2010
Emails to George Bush
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
Mr Bush
You were someone that caused our depression
You preached hands off economics
You lied to us about 9/11
You ******* the country
Now Im suffering
570 · Sep 2010
Working search
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
I have graduated from UNR,
but no work,
I search on the internet at jobs
I am good at
No work.
I go lower, I look at Del Taco
No work.
I am starting to lose hope
of this search of work.
551 · Sep 2010
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
Working is something we do
To get money or to help our family survive
Working can be stressful or
It can be enjoyable
But most of all
Working is something that
Is helping Americans survive
The great depression of our era.
540 · Sep 2010
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
Help me with my homework.
Help me survive this test.
Help me with the money situation.
Help me be less frustrated.
Help me be free.
Help me out please.
534 · Nov 2010
Jason Leimer Nov 2010
The pain of losing your friend is hard.
The pain of losing your pet is harder.
The pain of losing your mother is difficult.
The pain of losing your home is extreme.
The pain of losing your life is really sad.

Pain it comes, Pain it goes.
Pain can occur temporarily or it could be pernament.
Pain it is apart of our lives.
484 · Sep 2010
Me being Me
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
I am a alumnist of UNR,
I have struggled to get to where I am
I sometimes have a odd sense of humor
I love my dog.
I love to go out when its interesting.

Even though I have a college degree,
I don't talk down to those who don't
Hell, I am one of the few in my family
To have a college degree
It's me being me.
425 · Sep 2010
Another episode of waiting
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
I wait for work.
I wait for success.
I wait for family.
I wait on the dog.
I wait on the election Results.
I wait for the game.
I wait to see the movie.
I wait to go to sleep.
398 · Sep 2010
Jason Leimer Sep 2010
The power went out, What?
For some unknown reason it's dark
you can't see, your confused.
Suddenly candles are on, you hear sound.

It is someone in your family
getting up to help the situation
out for you guys in the dark.
It scars you, not knowing when the power
comes back on. Darkness how evil and twisted
this simple feeling can be when something
unknown happens.

— The End —