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Aug 2011 · 1.0k
Jared Byers Aug 2011
No silver lining to this cloud
gray, even more so damp.
Pouring down on my soul as I just lay
I lay here and cry as the rain hides my pain.
Getting sick is no concern, but my heart aches and cramps.

I long for her eyes, so bright and aware of my innermost secrets.
Now I sit, for her return to my arms wide open.
One more bottle to open, she will arrive.
To wipe these tears from my eyes.
Those beautiful lips and beaming smile, it drives me wild.

From above I hear our song, and I sing along.
She is no where near me, rather so very far away.
Hiding away, waiting for me to join her, maybe I will someday.
Six feet beneath the dirt she sleeps in silence.
I feel her here, next to me. My darling, my sweet, my wife May.

— The End —