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from a shallow sky
my arms
couldn't have been
any vast
for the hollow

β€”long drops of rain
You look through the mirror
through yourself, β€”smile
say you're amazing
say you're marvelous & kind
when it doesn't work
and you couldn't find
clench your pulse & break
that glass of deceit
you are more when
you're broken
& you are already beyond
the pond moth flaunted its wings
in the remorseless water
wider than it would
when in the meadow sky
there dead-white it laid
like an opened orchid
just a fragment of another unfinished poem in my notebook
the more I cry, the more
I miss you mother
but I wonder if you are
crying just as the same
how I wish the warm tears
weren't for a broken nest
breaking again
how much longer
would we have to endure
mother, remember
when you said falling stars are sorrowed angels with
hollowed wings and
broken hearts?
β€”help me
In love,
there are no pedestrian lanes.
ʷᡃ˒ ᡃ˒ ˑᡉ˒˒ α΅—α΅’ ΚΈα΅’α΅˜
ᡃ˒ Κ°α΅’Κ· ᡐᡘᢜʰ
ΚΈα΅’α΅˜ ʷᡉʳᡉ
α΅—α΅’ ᡐᡉ
the fireworks trapped in his eyes
freed by the tears rustling
dried out within me
spark by dying spark
all had fell the same
& here we are tonight, one
not-long-ago night
we were here
you looked through me
as if I'm an everbright light
& our firefly hearts
ignited into the wildest
of fireworks
we surrendered
all our withheld lights
to a shallow sky
the way you faded shadow-dark
in the stonecold
of a hollow fire
while I'm still here
we're but back here
where we fell in love
then out of it & now
I look like the brightest light
running out of you
we were but just mere men
who fell in love it was
when we fell in love
that we fell in love only to tell
Just this for now. I'm still trying to contemplate.
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