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I thought I saw
a seven-petaled periwinkle
until two fell off
& flew up
into a π‘π‘’π‘‘π‘‘π‘’π‘Ÿπ‘“π‘™π‘¦.
I know you have to say goodbye
to me one day
but that's okay.
I didn't ask for you to stay
The sea
is a keeper
of lost things
from the sky.
When the tide is low, I wade in waters and fascinate myself with the starfishes
The tulip blossomed
to a night sky
like mother's palms
cupping a flame
but couldn't catch a shooting star.
a fragment of an unwritten poem
Dear Janry,

You're not the most deprived.
So grasp what's left of you
and carry on.
You may be by the ocean in your eyes. But that ocean is you.
So don't drown. But dive deep.
And breatheβ€”
breathe through you.
Don't pray to wake up in a different morning because it will always be the same sun.
Someday you'll be in a sky of
flower trees when time comes your wings are full.
But though you aren't there yet dreams mean your wings are starting to grow.
And though the world is running out of meadows,
You still have an open sky.
So hope
because the world will not change for you.
That is why the lack of wonder gives butterflies the liberty to fly.
And if you feel like you don't know who you are anymore,
just remember that the greatest part of the walk is losing the path.
For sometimes, somehow
you have to lose yourself
to be found.

The Universe
an open letter ~
Sometimes I wake up in a morning of deep-orange
peach burnt sunrise skies
only to see a stranger
in the mirror
with eyes that
don't translate his soul
On moonburnt bays
He sat with his very shadow.
The illuminating light crept
And pierced him deep
And the shadow he wasβ€”
was a ghost within.
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