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Jamie Rose Lewis Jun 2017
I can offer nothing more
Than this silence
No soft touch on your cheek
Zero reassuring words
All I have is an ache
A tearing hole in the fabric of space
An abandoned spacestation
Where nothing tastes
Colors are dulled
No oxygen tanks

Jamie Rose Lewis May 2017
I recall that time
I was Cinderella
Tired and dirt crusted
Hands bleeding nails torn
The mice scurrying about
The birds waking me up
Driving pumpkins to hidden castles
Dancing with a prince
Totally beats that moment
I found myself beneath the ocean
Legs for fins forgetting to breathe
Voiceless in the world of the deaf
Those were the days
I'd much rather have been
Sleeping in strange men's beds
Eating apples with little regard
To who may have cursed them
So that now I'm not sure
Whether I'm still asleep
Or if the spindle scar I carry is real
I swear I remember my Bear Mother wrapping it
In the library of a beastly man
She was telling me to stay strong
Reminding me I was a prisoner
But that Beast wore me down
With his shedding charm
Patiently standing in line
Behind the boy with a flying carpet
And one holding a shoe of glass
Why are they all soo thirsty?
Why didn't anyone bring a ladder?
Can't they see I'm a prisoner in this high
Instead they bring golden shears
And tiny cuffs disguised as rings
But no wizards
No shoes with wings
All I got is this winter heart
That I can't let go
And a silk dress
I do have that......

Jamie Rose Lewis May 2017
Some times
With a random amount of time to ****
I will hold it tender
In my pocket
And cruise Target
Sometimes it's K-Mart
Except that those places
Are rapidly disappearing
Like rainforests or wolves
The circle of life
Priced according to the neighborhood
It wants to attract
Honey to flies
Flies pumping out popular hits
Over almost too quiet speakers
Just loud enough to down out
The mark up prices
Of Dollar Store quality footwear
I walk the aisles
Lined in fruity colors
Soft textures
Containers to contain all the things
That made you feel better
For a moment
I ****** the 89$ sheets
Of coarse
That I do not want them
That I do not need them
In fact
I roam this florescent lit sheet metal deathhouse
(In tornado season, of coarse)
With the distinct point
That I do not Need any thing
Lined up on shelves
Displayed in temporary box displays
I should get some T.P.
And cat litter....
Cause really,
Everyone does ****

Jamie Rose Lewis May 2017
Let us all hold hands and bow our heads
Grace surely is not
Soo easily held
Sliding slowly off aristocratic heads
At it's flattest moment
At it's least
And this rain is never-ending
And just like that book
I am repeatedly falling
At all costs avoiding the 101
The dammed 101
It does not rain in Phoenix
Ancient bird rising
Quenching its own thirst
With our desperate praying tears
Hands held and raised pleading
For a moments moisture
Watching our pages dry and wither
Into forgotten parchment colored sand
How this grey has held onto my heart
And now
I would rather not see a drop of rain
For a long time
Jamie Rose Lewis May 2017
I wait
Swaying with the long grass
Humming low
Whispering the bear songs
I wait
Palms open to the the evening breeze
Legs tense in suspense
Eyes closed
I wait
................All the time I bent for you
................ All the time I spent changing for you
..................All the moments I kept myself in check for you
I have nothing left to give
Now I wait
I wait
For the Moon
His gentle touch on my soul
I wait
For the Moon
To rise and ask nothing of me but what I am
I wait
For the Moon
In this long dusk into twilight
Breathing in the dark
As I set

Jamie Rose Lewis May 2017
I used to dress like John Wayne
Minus the vest
Of coarse
But then again
So did everybody
I worked and lived with
Somehow I'd acquired
I little pink Appaloosa
And into the sunsets we rode
For El Dorado

Jamie Rose Lewis May 2017
I can perfectly recall
The slight green tint
To your storm blue eyes
There were these perfect
Sun enriched creases
That spread like rays
From the corners of them
Watching me with intensity
Rising heat even in the cold
Closing my own I can still inhale
How you smelled
Sweat and horses
Old leather
Sometimes all your scents
Combined with mine
And I would catch my breath
Gasp with surprise
That no one else noticed
You would touch my cheek softly
The telling work worn creases
on the backs of your hands
flecked with soft white
Barbed wire scars
Nails regrown after hammer altercations
Stubborn ball-hitches
Renegade gates
Turned to suede
Lifting my face to yours
The velvet caress
Of your high desert lips
I can feel your stubbled chin still
Brush roughly across my shoulder
Shockingly coarse
Leaving the skin tender
You would drive
With soo much weighing
On your mind
In your heart
And in my youth fullness
I would watch you
Worship you
Write love songs and poems
That I folded into origami horses
braided into reins
All this time
I remember you
I cannot recall
More than the whisper
Of falling clothing
Our own muted sounds
And the dust
set alight
In those summer scorched buildings
Did you say something
Did I
My voice file for you is incomplete
And soo far away from that moment
Here I'm still writing
The creases are mine now
Folded still
No longer horses
But instead
Into the shapes of our mountains

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