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James Tyler Jan 2014
For forty days and forty nights I roam a vagrant sea
with no light to guide a man to shore, no beacon summoning.
I see no time: no days, nor months; only moments reckoning
in silence for the one who comes to end my suffering.
On boards of plank, washed red with ***,
that glisten in the morning sun; I lie awake, and await the one
who frees me of my mortal bond.

I promised I would soon return, and yet I yearn, remaining true.
'Cause forty days turn forty years and now my blood runs blue.
James Tyler Sep 2013
I cannot sleep directly next to another, but I do enjoy falling asleep with her.
Then after we are both asleep we slightly roll away to have space.
Yet I never truly fall asleep. Instead, I lay awake, thinking of your dreams.
Are they of me? I will possibly never know. Yet, for hope being, I hope they are.
You are my soul, and without my soul what am I?
Let me answer my own question: simply another man next to a woman;
for our souls are connected (you and I both know it),
and your dreams keep me awake because I can feel them.
What I wish may not be what is, but it is still what I wish,
and I will forever wish it until you realize what I need is the same as what you need.
Am I less than a man to think I can win this battle?
You say I need to be strong, but how can I?
Truly, how can I? You are with me, our souls intertwined, and yet
you lay faithful to a man who has left, cheated, left, and cheated again.
I do not know how much longer I can take it while holding you in my arms.
I do not know how much longer I can take it with you lying beneath my sheets.
However, you can stay as long as you'd like. I do not mind.
I am forever yours, and I know you're forever mine.
James Tyler Sep 2013
She entered the room, and my words were at loss.
My world slowed. My heart swooned. My eyes locked.
Her's did too. Although, at the time I did not know.
I must confess she stole my heart.
As this beauty moved through the crowd
they parted, creating a path directly to me.
With feet like cinder I stood in place.
She moved with elegance and grace forward.
I cannot say what it was we saw in each other.
However, whatever it was, in unison we said,
"Do I know you?",
and from that moment on our lives were forever changed.
James Tyler Jul 2013
A poet should never love another poet, there is:
far too much connotation, far too much feeling, and far too much longing.
Every word with a meaning of everything else, every kiss with want that is much more than self.
Every touch with a need to love and to hold, every thought just a thought much more to behold.
Every love just a ration, every crime just in passion, every thing growing younger and ever so old.
James Tyler Jul 2013
I check and I counter, then raise in a boast
for the love of a most significant host. I'm all in,
and I always will be for you
I raise poker chips worth many a penny to few.
Some ask why I bet,
but I do not fret,
for you they are just a gamble a plenty.
For what is worth, and what does mean money?
So I spend and I try and I wonder what comes,
by betting all mine that is under the sun.
Well to be honest, it is to double
that which I have,
no trouble just self, if you give me yours i'll truly know wealth.
So I check, then I counter, and then I will raise
to gain the house's adornment and praise.
James Tyler Jul 2013
There once was who a Man who fell into a Cave,
and although it was dark, he tried to be brave.
With no light which to guide him, and fear right beside him,
he tried to get out but his hopes were in vain.
Further into darkness this man would then wonder;
no knowledge that all of his efforts would plunder.
As the passage grew tighter, he wished to retire,
but brought forth all the courage his heart could then muster.
A roaring of rapids he heard up ahead;
still fighting the fight yet succumbing to dread.
Then the tunnel grew wider, his worry seemed lighter,
as he dreamed that he'd one day return to his bed.
As he climbed from the end of this funneling hole,
and stepped further in darkness he fell to below.
What felt like forever, was the length of a feather,
now this man had to wade in a water so cold.
He swam although blind, first left and then right,
then down and back up he tried with his might.
He felt trapped in a world, with no diamonds, nor pearls
till he scoured the wall and found a pinhole of light.
This man of great strength then took one last dive,
and low-and-behold a new passage did find.
He followed it through, away from this pool,
and came up in another yet barely alive.
He was freezing, and shaking, his head it was aching
from fright and unknown during this undertaking.
Yet this brand new room, was filled with a jewel;
a jewel of which this man had no mistaking.
It was filled with light of the same glorious day,
a hole in this cavern overhead did lay.
He tried climbing the wall, only down did he fall,
but this did not stop him or keep him at bay.
He tried once again to still make it out;
climbing and jumping, and thrusting, about.
Till he reached the top, but still did not stop,
until he lay on the grass, no longer with doubt.
The warmth of the sun encircled his body.
His soul intact, yet his head was still foggy.
Exhausted, befuddled, arrested, and muddled;
he began to walk back yet fell into a copy.
Of the same devilish cave he had once been,
and it was up to him, only him, to climb back out again.
James Tyler Jul 2013
It is until I
stopped searching that I found you.
Perchance, should we move?
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