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James Nieves Mar 2011
I made a gold digger, ******* full of vigor,
She’s on a hairpin trigger, out to **** my rigor.
Gold digger, in love with all the stuff,
Gold digger, she can’t get enough.

I’m tired of the way she treats his gifts,
He’ll give her a boat and away she drifts—
I can’t help I didn’t give her enough
Now he sees her lying to him—he’s calling her bluff.

He puts bracelets on her wrists
His charity persists,
He puts old hats on her head,
She’ll soon be overfed
His gifts can’t harbor the ship wreck
And look I’m sticking out my neck

Perhaps I can’t afford her
My broke *** just bores her.

Perhaps it’s more than that,
Perhaps it’s under the hat.
Perhaps her head is so done with me,
That the gifts he gives are guilt-free.
Perhaps I’m loosing sight,
Of the things they have so right,
Maybe they’re cleaning horse **** holding hands
Perhaps that’s what’s turning on her adrenal glands—

Gold digger, shallow to a point
Fishing for meaning, Heaven please anoint.
I think I get it, somewhere inside,
You pompous shallow ***** go run and hide.

Surf or skate, and fall and break
The waves will crush you over-take,
And when the good get’s going and I’m out of sight
You and He, will shrink into the night,
And in your heart, Gold digger
My purpose is always Bigger.

Because you love me without cash
But you treat me like your trash,
I’ll probably get in a car crash,
Running him over cause’ I’m just so brash.

This I will confess,
Your heads a ******* mess,
Unless you give up the gold,
Your heart and mine will grow even more cold.

I made a gold digger, ******* full of vigor,
She’s on a hairpin trigger, out to **** my rigor.
Gold digger, in love with all the stuff,
Gold digger, she can’t get enough.
James Nieves Mar 2011
Dropped like 50 cents into your wallet for later, passing the time hitting the pay phone. You turn to the pier ancient and stone, fumbling through your coat pockets feeling for your cell phone.

You hate calling long-D, but right now it’s a necessity. You take your call along the ocean standing at the present, wondering where the waves went. An old city bell rings this somber lick through the air, touching upon the ears cuddling annoyed peoples leers. You walk past them letting the dial tone drum at your auditory nerve, letting the sounds penetrate your mind to observe.

You function down some steps, closer to the ocean break. Rubbing your hands together, waiting for the warmth to take. You feelings conduct your pace, a slow and steady race. Waiting for the rose to thorn, the sea swells against rocks where mist is born.

You stop and look out at the water, a storm is seeking land. And yet you look upon that storm with love—you give it your command. You jump onto a rail, the line between the firm and wet, and you balance upon that rail, brushed black by white turned Violette.

You spread your arms and smile, in denial of your dying love. And fall down toward the raging sea—Heaven sent from above. You smash the water with loosing gasps, and rapture all around. Of water swirling temporal doom your hearts first beat at ultrasound.

In drowning you’re alive, the struggle helps you survive. And as you give it all away, your heart beats further from decay. Your veins can take the pressure, your conduit charges—a refresher. You breathe in water, to wash your lungs from the inhaled bull, and as the salt washes away the lies, you finally open your eyes.

Dropped in the wonder years, sea of brine and You change gears.
James Nieves Mar 2011
I can only hold my breath so long,
Before the sirens echo around me
Yet asphyxiation seems so wrong
How can you love what you refuse to see,
Oh well, hold on to whatever will get you through, what ever makes you belong

Who do you love?
I can see through, to ya love,
Who do you love?

Do you love me?
OR just the thought of me?
I think the latter is the matter,
The problem in your skin,
Take your head, and make it spin.

Roll it off your neck
Blow the Job you do so ‘well’
I mean what the heck
**** your toes, burn in hell

Because from the bottom of your soul you’re a soiled mess
A cluster **** of paranoia and stress
Using and digging like a poor and dying *****
Seeing shadows play lamp light out across your floor.

Letting go takes a step forward,
On beaches of brighter days, sun burning your flesh
In its indifferent rays.
What puts a folded heart inside a lovers hands?
The anti-gravity that tells you to stay the hell away from me.
Depravity in your shallow soul-called-cavity makes this man
Truly understand.

Letting go takes time, a focus unlike anything.
Letting go takes love, that burns the candle of hate
TO emaciate, the marrow that creates blood for your mind so narrow.
Stung and dumb, and young and fake
You have no more love to take—
Not from me or the love locked in that position,
You and I are atomic fission


You are my friend—you’re misunderstood
But your heart is infected with pain and to heal it should
Give up on the strings dripping poison into it’s chambers

Keep testing me,
Keep ingesting me,
Keep molesting me,

Just protect your situation
Waste that carnation
Take your mental vacation,
But as you push aside the things you don’t want
I’ll be out to war, the vanguard Avant.

I can stop a train, clocking 80miles-per-hour
But your hairs not long enough to save you from your tower.
That rises as I fall, I can’t take the speed it’s moving at,
Though honestly, for you, I’d never stop the train.

Because you need to grow into a real life,
Away from the fantasy of your ignorant head
So you can be a stay at home wife
So you can **** in bed,
And be divorced for trying so hard,
Even when your hubby went limp
And once you’re truly jarred
You’ll realize that you are just a shrimp

Headless into ****-tail,
Your chitin shell so frail

— The End —