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James Anderson Jul 2010
I look up at the starless sky
Without the stars who should be there
Sharing this moment with me
This moment that hold no significance

While I look, I miss the sky
I miss the stars
I miss the light they provide
All that’s left is the moon

All alone that poor moon is
Glowing in the dark
When it should be glowing in the light
Just like me, alone when we should have others

I feel the moon’s sorrow
For I feel the same
The empty sky is no place
No place for either of us

I wonder what happened
Those poor little flecks of light
One day here
The next day gone

Not a single word was said
About their disappearance
All forget about them
Except for the moon and I

Every night I would look
Waiting for the stars to come back
To see the moon no longer alone
To see the sky back alight

Every night I would look
And ever y time I would despair
For the stars are still gone
And show no sign of returning

I hear the moon weep
The man on the moon weeps
The tears silent
But the sorrow is deafening

After eons passed
The stars did not return
I waited, and so did the moon
Finding comfort in each other’s presence

There are some nights
When the moon is gone
And the sky is dark
Missing the moon

I detest those nights
Fearing the worst
That the moon had gone
And joined the stars

My fears never came to pass
For the moon would always return
At first a sliver
Then it would all be back

Even in the darkness of space
The moon kept it bright
A single candle in the darkness
Burning ever bright

I went out one night to see the moon
That was my reason now
For I knew the stars were gone
But the moon was still there

And on that one special night
I realized with keep insight
That not all the stars were gone
That one was still left

For the moon was not a candle
But a mirror
It reflected the light off another
The light of the Sun

I told the moon what I figured
And the moon was joyous
For not all the stars had left
The Sun was still there

And armed with that fact
That one star was still there
A glimmer of hope rekindled
And I knew what I had to do

I said farewell to the moon
It knew what I was doing
I left for the sky
To bring back the stars
Just started writing because a friend inspired me to write, and this is what I came up with.
James Anderson Apr 2010
You did it
What you did?
I have absolutely no idea
Maybe you did something right
Or maybe you did something wrong
Either way congratulations

You could have done something else
But you did it
So congratulations on doing it
That it can be anything
It can trying something new
Or trying something old
Either way congratulations

You tried doing something
You did it
You took a risk
You made a decision
Or you let someone else push you
Either way congratulations

Every time you do something
You did it
Maybe it wasn't the best
Or maybe it was
Either way congratulations

So here is to you
You did it
I have no idea what you did
Or how you did it
But does it matter
A good friend was inspired by me, and now I have been inspired by him.
James Anderson Mar 2010
I try to escape
These problems are not my own
But something keeps me in
Maybe it is my friends
The ones who I care about
The ones who were hurt
If anything it should be for them
I should try to stay strong for them
And the thing is
I seem to be doing it for them
And for others as well
I don't understand
I have tried multiple times
Always coming so close to escape
Only to find myself dragged in again
I try to tell myself it isn't my problem
But I know that is a lie
It became my problem
 The second I opened my ear
I listened
I got involved
Ever so slightly
I was involved
I couldn't just abandon it
So I come back
And I realize that I will always come back
Simply because of my open ear
James Anderson Mar 2010
Am I right?
Am I wrong?
Am I walking towards the dawn
Or the eternal night
Seeing my future
Set in stone
The path laid before me
My steps already made
I see the paths of others
Their predetermined fates
Some will rise while others fall
They are always walking
Towards their fate
Following the path blindly
Is this the point of life
To be told what to do
I see the answer
Ahead of me
I know what I am supposed to do
I try to break free
But chains just force me back
Fate won’t lose
I’ve seen my death
It happens now
The darkness grips
I’m pulled towards the eternal night
Nowhere to go
My mind is slipping
My legs won’t work
Nothing left
Before I’m gone
I look behind me
I see the face of Fate
A face carved out of stone
In its raspy voice it says
“This is you destiny
You have no choice,but to accept
Now goodbye”
Fate is gone
The darkness is closer
Swallowing me whole
With my final breath I whisper
This isn’t my fate”
I fight
I break the chains
I break free
I take a step off the path
And find my own way in the darkness
I look behind
And Fate smirks
James Anderson Mar 2010
The heroes of legend
So great and powerful
Their stories will live
Well beyond their years
But what about the unsung one
The companion to the great hero
Does he not deserve praise
Destiny may not have chosen him
Fate must have overlooked him
But he still fought the great evil
Slayed the vile demon
And most importantly
He protected the hero
Nothing can be done alone
Too often is this forgotten
The focus is put on one
Who did not chose
But was chosen
What about the other
The one that did chose
He chose to risk everything
There was nothing great at work
Forcing him to chose
It was a simple
Yet immense decision
The stories of the companions are great
While the hero was scared
The companion was there to comfort
When the hero had doubt
The companion was there to inspire
When the hero fell
The companion was there to prop him up
Sometimes the greater hero isn’t the destined one
It is the one that stood by the hero
The choice they made
Never regretting it
Only pushing forward to another’s goal
Never again look over the companion
For something important will be missed
That may be lost forever
James Anderson Mar 2010
Is it me
Is this all to blame on me
What have I done
Was if my fault that you left
Am I the one who is to blame
I cared for you
I got you whatever you wanted
I was your shoulder to cry on
I was your white knight
Always coming to your rescue
I was your shield
Protecting you from horrible pain
Why did it have to end like this
Why would this happen
I just don’t understand
I did everything right
Now I ask myself
Is it me
Is it you
James Anderson Mar 2010
I am not a hero
I am no white knight
I try my best
But sometimes it isn’t enough
Good always triumphs over evil
Or so the saying goes
Since I lose, does that make me evil
I don’t cause pain purposefully
I try to help others
But I am no hero
I don’t fight an unwinnable fight
I do feel pain
And I listen to my fear
A hero has a destiny
Something greater than them
I simply do not
I’m freer than the hero
I can believe what I want
The opinions of what is good or evil
Doesn’t affect me
I know the world isn’t black and white
I don’t do theimpossible
I live in this world
Just like everyone else
I know who I am
And I accept it
I am not a hero
I am something greater
I am me
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