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Jalisa Allycia Jul 2021
One eye on the sun, one eye on the moon
Jalisa Allycia Jul 2021
I'm here to speak for the dead.
They haven't forgiven us.
Jalisa Allycia Jul 2021
Envy and insecurity are secondary emotions. There is a root and you must locate it

I lack the passion of a thief
stealing is *****

I am a four page secret, creased along the knees and folds of the fingers. I am a four page secret, folded at the knees and the neck.

I lack the passion of a thief. ******* is my religion. We are still connected by breath. The taste is similar. The attempt is admirable, but
the idea of control is beyond recall. Diamonds shimmering, cutting into my eyes. I can't spell the new language. Please help me understand
Jalisa Allycia Jul 2021
I'm trying to write how I speak

but looking to the sky has no sound.

Half eaten breath

sliding across my tongue like a piece of candy.

After years of sewing sentences together, trying to accelerate my youth

you have offered me a new language,

with hope that there is an end at the end, and it will be glorious.

If I ever believe these things you proclaim

I will put the pen down for good;

Nothing more to say, to discover, to spell.

But I do, I do want to write.

Each day that passes, picked, ripe, then rotten,

I conjure up the courage to just kneel and listen to the words.

I shake my memory box

and you survive, you rise to the top each time.

After this thought, there you are, and after this thought...

A particular one, that has caused much disruption

is that

if I ever become someone else,

with pain that isn't mine,

with a different tongue, with different breath

you will still remain the greatest moment of my life.

You hold the last word I will every say,

and somewhere along this life I will receive it,

whispered into a pillow and placed under my head

and as luck would have it, I am unattractively curious about what it is...

Until then,

I try to write how I speak
Jalisa Allycia Oct 2020
I've been suicidal for years.
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