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Jake Taylor Nov 2011
To with what good made from a night of frollock and free?
With the hangover gape and the slump of mind, the lack of life but the will to survive.
what draw you say?
your eager but flat-line mentality? the uniform dancing on the floor ? the gasp for a frivolous freedom? Or just to get yourself out the door?
ohh but the quest for love or mistress, companion or enemy.
for a story to tell or for an everlasting memory for people t'remember thee?

"For the gain of speech and merry!" or the unconscious heap on the floor.

The ups and downs... the spirit to water,
the chain of thought lost with no inkling of hope for an miraculous return,
the electronic symphony runs rivers through your temples and engulfs your lost tempo,
but the heart is never free to express in open company, not in front of one's fellows!

The night it seems is drawing to a close, but your life is light ,   or dark depending only on the state of your clothes.
All is never lost for the liquor is always boss,
and yes the night might be opaque and it may take a few attempts to make maps for your own personal sake.

but however bad the night should be done,
always remember never to look back into the sun.

Jake Taylor    '11
Jake Taylor Nov 2011
Follow me and we can run away from the trees

Follow me and we break afar from this scene

Follow me and we can chase after our dreams

Follow me and we can make our OWN life you'll see

I know that your coming with me.

— The End —