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Jai Rho Jul 2016
There above his shiny baldy head,
a long and winding comb-over,
is it white, orange or red?

A cap is perched with Krazy Glue
to keep it in its place,
or is it there to keep his head
from floating into space?

He spews blither blather
and trumpets nonsense
to wild applause
and cheer

at a raucous party
where tea is spiked
with fear
Jai Rho May 2016
At absolute zero
there is no motion
only potential

At greater energy
potential is transformed
and motion occurs
at speed
Jai Rho May 2016
An object at rest
has no speed

An object in motion
has energy

The difference
is speed
is energy

Speed = Energy
Jai Rho May 2016
X and Y and Z
are spatial coordinates
in Three Dimensions

T is a point
in time --
the Fourth Dimension

S is speed
from one point
in time
to another --
the Fifth Dimension
Jai Rho Feb 2016
It is always
the one next to you

the one on the left
the one on the right

the buddy
the brother
the man

who you may love
or never know

but will give your life
to save
in horrifically pure
survival's fight

not for god
not for country
not for way of life

but for the one
on the left

and the one
on the right
Jai Rho Feb 2016
There is a twinkle in the eye
of a head held high

No matter the surroundings
the embraces or the poundings

Inner dignity shines bright
and finds its way to light

The twinkle in the eye
of a head held high
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