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 Aug 2018 Jai Rho
levi eden r
i used to write about scars i can't see anymore,
i would tear open and salt wounds in hopes of a piece that i could but would never fully be proud of.
these pieces i wrote held me down and made my feet drag throughout these hallways and,
i'm not doing that anymore.
i'm starting to remember who i was at birth,
who i am when i'm in my happiest state and not even my demons can drag me back down to the hell i used to light.
i love,
and i smile.
i used to write so much about who i used to be that i started to miss it when i couldn't write anymore.
my mind lived at more than four years back,
i relived my darkest days over and over when i couldn't see the sun in the morning.
i'm not doing that anymore.
last year, i lost my best friend,
my favorite person in this entire world,
my sun and my moon and my stars,
i believed the earth spun for him and solely him and i still do.
losing him made me lose my hope.
and for that time,
there were more dark days.
there were fresh wounds and igloos made of tissues and blankets.
i will miss him forever but i will live in his honor.
i'm holding my head up high and i will love and admire the earth until i meet my Everything again.
i used to write about the bad days,
the cloudy days,
the days where i cried on my bedroom floor,
the days where i burst out in tears during a normal day in class because i just couldn't do This anymore.
i'm not doing that anymore.
i've learned and seen how beautiful this world can be.
ooof so like,, yeah. this is something lol
 Jul 2018 Jai Rho
Today I ate a
chicken than I boiled an
egg , life can be strange
i ate Nando's today for lunch than had boiled egg salad for dinner :)
Silly one
 Jul 2018 Jai Rho
Olivia A Keaton
you caught me.
I’m hooked.
watch as the strings vibrate
move up an octave, wait,
forward roll, double thumb
and pick,
until your fingers are numb,
wait for it,
pick, thumb
index, middle,
in a muddle
I'll rest for now.
 Jul 2018 Jai Rho
E McNamara
There is only one letter
from feeling lovely-
and lonely.
I have a very close friend who has this. She talks about it to me and it sounds like hell. You all are so strong. I love you all. Be gentle with yourselves.

To people with friends with BPD. Tell them you love them. Be patient, understanding. They are NEVER overreacting.
I can not shake the almost-memory
of your warring skin, or the depth
of that moment in meaning,
never the slow silence bleeding
out of you in waves, your pulse,
your years falling out like baby
teeth, and the inside of you in grey,
clipped and dim lit dreams dashed
into shards.

Your all-too-silent night.
I think of you and I think of you,
in different lights, bathed in other colors,
all your faces, your expressions melting
into one another. I've found every you.
I've kept them here, together, like a roll
of film, and sometimes, when I'm sad,
I pull them out and look for my face too.

The moon says, It will save you
so much pain if you let me take your
wisdom teeth now.
Lovely moon,
silky-voice moon, moon like chalk,
so soft and crumbly on your hands,
hands that rake through my hair like
a yard of fallen leaves.

Remember, darling?
I do. A night like the sweetest peaches,
and in the morning, only left with the
pits, counting the mistakes, measuring
the loss like scientists study black holes.
I won big. I scratched your name out of
a lottery ticket and told everyone but you
how lucky I was.

Heart of hearts, dark of darks, heart of darks,
how it all flows, the music changing the words,
making them understand each other, connecting
them like we connect them in language. The
music has its own language. We call it poetry.
We call it song. Sometimes I recognize it when
she speaks. Sometimes words leave us, but
the music is still there.
 May 2016 Jai Rho
Miguel Muller
The flavor of the winter
on a cold morning after
a storm starts with a kitchen full
of busy hand making
while snow is flaking
a warm oven baking.

Steam laced with scents that
engage the heart in happiness while reawakening
childhood memories.

Mugs filled
with the warmth of coffee, tea, or cocoa
that soothes the throat when sipped.

Eyes smiling as
family members not together recently
give good company.

Thoughts of hope and
Happiness fill the soul and the mind
as the holidays usher the year’s end.

I wonder if the reason
Stars are so powerful is because
They are made of our atoms,
We feel so many emotions,
All of those emotions in one place
Must cause a lot of power
Or maybe we are powerful because we
Are made of theirs
Sorry, it's not my best work.
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