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Jacky Xiang Oct 2010
With eager hope, lines are flung from stone quays,
In cerulean depths, lobsters drink crystal *****,
Banners of Mars ripple across lengthening days,
March festivals surrounds the sky with ambrosia.

Tiny dinghies dot the shores of crystal shine,
Jewel glints on serene ripples of the coast,
Velvet gloves of mirth while we wine and dine,
April races into hedonistic delights with a toast.

Gentle showers of rain caress our joyous minds,
Feeling the sweet uplifting scents assail us,
Choirs of birds paint rainbows for the colorblind,
May serenity soothes the birth of young Horus.

Beauteous blooms decorate the healthy fields,
Amidst the hush, come avalanche of avian flocks,
Summer-tide tickles the sickle it wishes to wield,
June love bind resonating halves in holy wedlock.

Spectral symphonies echo with rise of nations,
Waves of sultry heat from pulsating solar veins,
Let the tellurian realm bask in sleepy volition,
July warmth masterfully holds onto summer reins.

The waving forest whisper missives of lasting peace,
Stroll through sylvan woods to reveal new dreams,
The graceful rush of lucent creeks has not ceased,
August reverie rests on the soil of our daydreams.

Falling colors heralds summer's wave of adieu,
Scarlet pillows above billows of restless seas,
The harvest of ripened grains among rich milieu,
September bounty overflows the humble eaves.

Waning sunset unleash dying orange hues,
Above deep carpets of brittle gilded leaves,
Somber silence greets the coming of bad news,
October winds whistle through the lonely caves.

A maple flag shivers in the frigid air,
Upon a parapet far on the distant hill,
Boreal winds herald flares of despair,
November ice upon empty lifeless mills. 

From gloomy blooms above fell sparkling dust,
Asthmatic gales howl by gates of frozen pearls,
'Tween the valley crevice, stellar shine avast!
December frost rimes up the stormy whirls.

Chains of stiff ******* will soon be asunder,
Bolts of aurelian steel pierce the somber veil,
Of numb terraqueous veins arise new wonders,
January snow cradles early blossoms well.

The day's eye blinks awake across the skyline,
Phantom calls from across the sea stuck in time,
Steady upward climb the green grapevine,
February thaw shall meet the thirsty maritime.
Wrote half of it before midterms, and the other half after midterms. March is traditionally the first month of the year. It is the meteorological beginning of spring. A chronicle of a single orbit on the third planet of our solar system.
Jacky Xiang Oct 2010
Tango like there is ****** no gravity,
Fading up into the winds of levity.
Felt the world's stories on my shoulders,
'Tween Heaven and Hell, an epic I tell.

Smitten, in a flash, she deftly kissed me,
A smooch of death, the fragrance of tea.
Spying the end is to be in heavy debt,
To the unseen origin, now of inspect.

Vexed for larcenous dogs stole my nova,
Patience of the Everest; pressured lava,
Toward the high noon sun, soaring too fast,
Warming our visage, winds behind a full mast.

Colorful beams from heights of the precipice,
The monolith painting chromatic auspices,
Yet the churning oceans voice their unrest,
Against shields of Earth, the Hydra will test.

I can hear the green, caressed by a breeze,
Through the wet looking glass, I was seized.
A brazen gasp of life lifts the starry shroud,
Swim through the maze of a microcosmic cloud.
Listening to The Morning Of's newest album.. continually. :D To be honest, I don't understand my title.. but it's awesome. :P I think my impulsive title has origins in the idea of the fresh tendrils of nature reaches out to its children... >_> nonsensical indeed. haha.
Jacky Xiang Oct 2010
The vale of creating souls forsaken my vows,
Descend the nebulous hammer upon my names,
To leash the Moirae to command Eros's bow,
Here lies the broken scroll writ in dying flames.

Round the earth trod Hade's iron red needs,
Upon the vanguard of the auric age to come,
Fear not! For new blooms nap in fertile seeds,
Smash thy jolly jugs and drink thy ***!

Fill the rift of every forge with molten ore,
Tis unreal till life illustrate the drying golds,
Against the ethereal anvil of ancient lore,
Which knights in fealty do Aphrodite hold?
Apparently a combination of listening to Goemon OST Akihiko Matsumoto and reading John Keats produces some rather deep/nonsensical scripts. :D
Jacky Xiang Oct 2010
Dear porcelain, would I were perfect as you art,
Not in dull translucence do you shine,
Gleaming brilliance cloaked yet unmarred,
Mirror mirror of conscious dreams of mine.

The distant chime, chime of deathly knells,
Of shattered pebbles down scented lunar peaks,
Of soft crystal frost into the veil they fell,
Let my masks abscond, leaving eyelids weak.

Such sweet ache plagues my nightly mares,
Loveless lone splendor beneath blacken skies,
Nap 'tween the orchards ripe with pears,
Awakenings torn asunder the happy lies.

Sail-less ketch off candle-lit cavern shores,
Colossal etched symbols of Hecate's spells,
Till desire and woe to oblivion they soar,
Will gladly blunder through all seven Hells.

Absent from day's eye are the auric beams,
Silent be the hymn from above, off-tune flutes,
In motion I stand in fear of reluctant dreams,
Wounded peregrine looking at the open blues.
I dedicate this poem to all the fantastic people I've met at CEDA.
Jacky Xiang Oct 2010
Gild the marble as divine as ice,
Day's eye sinking below the horizon line,
Red dust drift among torrential specks,
Echoes boom from the valley pine.

Lay upon the crisp sunny hay,
Clean the grime from the sapphire quay,
Immerse 'tween the twilight breeze,
Asps should *******, leave me in peace.

As synchrony reach cacophony,
Our destinies uncross, tis uncanny.
If true, a key unlocks powers of lore,
Against, the key forfeits my very soul.

Capture my seat of soft emotions,
Crush it against your decrepit merits weigh,
Scheme within your empty jeweled mansions,
Burn to ashes my undead void lest it decay.

All such entities loving their tragedies,
Ridiculous melodramatic melodies.
Slouch and wallow as monuments,
Imaginary quagmire of queer torments.

Swing the fury of Krato's strike,
Kneel in dust of ancient plights,
Hold thy loved ones above the light,
Spy the ragged truth outside insight.

Flood the starry gates: drown my pain,
From colossi reduced to ******* straits,
My mask cares less lest I am unpaid,
Friendship once did the beloved slay.

Tears trembles upon my eye.
Good-bye time, **friend of mine.
Friendship once did the beloved slay...
Jacky Xiang Oct 2010
Approach the meridian sun,
Halves forever fated be apart,
Abyssal divide by their own labor.
Brilliant reverie towards the Fraser,
To flow slowly into the blue Pacific.

Way up high in the rainbow,
The dreams we dare to dream,
Aspire under the twinkling stars.
Over the wispy snowy peaks,
Peregrines soar, they fly.

Across the viridian greens,
Through the cloak of morning mists,
Blood red roses sway.
She who wakes upon a spring day.
Sigh... he who dares not breathe.
Well, it's cloudy today.. so I'm not entirely sure why I wrote this.. something I yearn for, perhaps? A very free style. I'd like to think the meanings rhyme rather than the words. :D I stress this piece should be read slowly and enunciated carefully.. may I suggest pausing after each line?
Jacky Xiang Sep 2010
Walking nightmares along piano keys,
Between the shine of ebullient dyes.
The dying echoes up cavern heights,
The dancing spark, buried in the sands.

Why not reap my verse for dying words,
The ****** dawn of a vimful curse.
Lingual crass from the hill of tunes,
Emeralds flew right into the hourglass.

Wine as ink writ upon yellow scrolls,
Smelt the ersatz core with diamond souls
Glare at the darkness between the lines,
Where is my verve but for those true fears?

Descend the shadows...
My blight! I'll bring wings.
Subconscious patterns. Answers of the questions not yet asked. Nonsense. Just some creative spiel. :P
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