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 Mar 2017 J Penpla
Nicole Alyssia
i sat awake in bed
for the past three hours,
"how can i do this better,
more -
alas, it hits me!
its impossible to become
a busier worker bee
when you're a different species
i hear a voice within,
"spread your wings,
butterfly -
 Mar 2017 J Penpla
Renee Danielle
abuse is a picture that I am forced to paint
with colors I have never seen.
if I draw fists into open arms,
if I sketch an apology in between berating,
if I fill in every empty space with love,
no one will come running for
the child who cried help.

abuse is a phantom limb
still covered in bruises.
white coats and clipboards wonder
how it can still ache when it is no longer there,
infecting me with their doubts.
sometimes it feels heavier
than it did when it was a part of me.

depression eats at my weight until my skin is taut,
boarding up my eyes and locking my mouth.
blame has found solace in this blood,
guilt mutating my thoughts.
my potential used to live here,
but abuse has a reverse Midas touch
where everything that could have become gold
withers in its hands.
 Mar 2017 J Penpla
Mike Hauser
From the fragrance on the breeze
Through the sweet magnolia trees
To the way the girls say please
As pretty as you please

There's no more delicious of a sound
Where you'd gladly let it run you down
If you've got time I'd love to tell you about

The Beautiful South

I've lived here and I've lived there
The sunny side of without a care
In the bare middle of nowhere
But there's nowhere else I swear

Like the place that I live now
No place like this I have found
All that heaven will allow

The Beautiful South

Of course I was born and raised
In my younger Southern days
In the peaceful perfection of this place
Where the Good Lord pours out His grace

Doesn't take much to find that out
Sit back relax as you lose count
Of where my heart is now

*The Beautiful South
 Dec 2013 J Penpla
Mike Hauser
Newly arriving in love, Luna Eve
December's sweet gift brought about on a smile
As heaven releases this tiny angel
Beautiful now this day will be called

Who could envision such a state of perfection
When gazing into the eyes of this child
The purity of life in this treasure
The complexity deep in her smile

There is a crispness new to this morning
The sun brighter than it's ever been seen
Joy of the heart singing with laughter
All brought on by sweet, Luna Eve
Just had a friends daughter give birth and named the newly born sweetness Luna Eve...
Had to write something with a cool hippie name like that!
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