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Ivy lynn Aug 2018
not you’re average face of perfection
but I think that may need a correction
from those happy girls you see online
to this sad girl that sits and whines.
who thinks too much
and sleeps to little
who worries a lot
and is noncommittal
But after all
she is 14
and lightens up
just as selene
you’d misbelieve
how unhappy
she may seem
until she dreams
when she’ll leave
I can’t sleeep help me
Ivy lynn Aug 2018
when will you learn/
money doesn’t buy love/
and sit & notice/
I’m sick and tired of/
this life we live/
I’m now passive/
to all these words/
that I’ve heard/
from here on out/
I will not rout/
goodbye to the girl/
who once was/
hello to the woman/
who now rises above/
hate people sometimes
Ivy lynn Apr 2018
you leaving is a thought that’s engraved in my memory,
the remembrance of us fading won’t leave like a criminal in a penitentiary,
I loved you so much as if you were in my family,
our arguments blew up like water in hot amilie.
You were always way more than just a dumb friend to me,
But I guess now it’s time to let you go and just  set you free.
Ivy lynn Sep 2017
you have been telling me you love me from day one
But how do i know it's real,
Your name always gets tangled up in the mess that is my thoughts,
"I love you," were the words that left your lips like nothing,
like it was a greeting.
And those words washed over me like when a wave crashes over to the sand,
Strong and then like nothing,
Slowly the meaning started to loose its touch and the goosebumps it always gave me,
Maybe I'm just not meant to be in a actual relationship,
But even if i weren't i couldn't break up with you,
I never ever in my life have wanted to hurt someone or give them the pain I've felt of a breakup,
You didn't deserve that,
You deserved way more than I can offer you and I knew that from the beginning...
and yet i hated my parents
and the fact that they fell out of love so quickly,
but look at me doing the same exact thing,
even at the age of a teen I knew i wouldn't be able to stay with someone for so long,
or maybe it's just the way this person in general treated me,
and the fact that all the love washed away
Maybe... i don't know,
Maybe all i need to do is see your face and then all these messed up thoughts that hit my head like a hurricane,
will go away
will disappear
But, at the end of the day
who knows¿?
hope someone can relate to this feeling I have.. :)
Ivy lynn Apr 2017
been through a lot and you've said you'd be there,
when i'm crying at night why'd i think you would care,
why did i believe every word that you said,
now all of the memories are stuck in my head,
yea it hurts to be loved,
yea it hurts to be lost ,
in a sea full of people,
your trying to move on.
There's so many nights
when i cant go to sleep
when i only can sleep
at the sound of your weep.
Ivy lynn Jan 2017
Just when I thought I knew you
You changed before I could blink

Now Im never happy but always blue,
And your name is written in my heart with ink

Your voice will either make me shiver
Like a raindrop in a nice calm river
Or make me smile
For a long while.
Ivy lynn Jan 2017
Only Late at night is when all my feelings rise,
Maybe it comes only late night cause that's when you left...disguised,
You disguised yourself as someone caring and nice,
But you weren't and left me to pay the price.
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