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Ivan Mihajlovic Jan 2019
So, if you look behand the corner
Maybe you'll see a colorful house
Which stands as a symbol stronger
And bright like a lighthouse.

Word by word, verse by verse,
A distant world, a distant universe
I'm walking down to the hill, going my steps
On the sky fly some subject
Or someone else's projects
Various wildlife in the forest.

Empty streets, empty parks
Just void, empty roads
Broken heart
A small part of start
A short sigh, cold heart.

Hey, you're there in a colorful house
You are very strange and crazy
But eyes bright as a lighthouse
Hey, do you hear beauty?
Hey, can you feel the duty?

Hey Mary, do you see your children painted in the root?
Does anyone see snoot?
Empty space in the air
Dusty space
Does  have escape?
Does anyone feel the love shape ?
Hey, you people in black
Do you think of my background and landscape?

Strange are the ways of the Lord
I'm pulling the wand of view and eyes
A vast space, a mist, and acts like a paradise
Hey, it's too much of a lies.

Can anyone burn the fire?
All around me, I feel how floating the wire
Hey roses in flame and ashes
The beginning of a clash
It's a short dash
Everywhere around me dark and one flash.
Ivan Mihajlovic Jan 2019
In terms of memory and foreboding,
my life began to fall apart
since when you started with him
Everything was rotting in me
And this my great heart
But deep in me, I know that I love you
And the desire to dream with you, and still
But everything is broken in me
Love and sorrow, happiness and joy, dream and reality
It's been killed.

One summer night
Without any tears in the eye
And without fear in the voice
You decided to make a choice
And you're going up the stairway
And I can’t say a word
Is this an honest way?
Deep in me, I count my days.

Everything around me is just a sound of thousands cars
And I'm looking at the sky, but I can’t see what tell me stars
She goes slowly, slowly, like a cold winter rain
And there is great pain in me, pain
And I feel sadness and biter in the vein
Who is in her game?
And bad dreams come out again from the dark
I'm running down the street to the first park
Here was the first kiss
Behind the fence and shadows of the big trees
She went without fear
And everything went in a minute desipire.

So if I look in the past
And I'm trying to find the answer
Or some reason, but in vain is everything
I wanted to be a thunder
In her heart, and lightning, but it was a mistake
Because that night in the summer
Flies were ravening in large numbers
It was some kind of dust in that flying
And I did not have a dusters
It was only my dream that came into reality
With a great wind in the storm
And there was no lee
Could she hear me?

Hey, hey, you psychologists
Why is this happening to me, all this?
Can somebody help me?
Hey man, young man, go to the warm sea
There is no escape from reality.
Ivan Mihajlovic Jan 2019

Just look around you
Just around you
You don’t have to go far
It's just a few yards
You'll see all the human bitterness.

Meadows are no longer green
Love has long been not red
The days are getting darker
Everywhere in the air there are void
All inspirations are destroyed.

And I can’t be a curbed
Because I feel sick and bad
I can’t be a curbed
Because this makes me very disturbed.

And I can’t be a curbed
Because I feel sick and bad
And I'm very upset
Every soul is like a wire, sharp and barbed
And I've been wondering for a long time
Does not anyone see a crime
And I'm very worried
I can’t be curbed
All this, too much, make me a disturbed.

Every way is comical
Wherever you go, there is an obstacle
And it's too much dust
And what do I must?
With my life like a particle
Is my mind logical?
Who creates a disoriented oracle?

And I can’t be a curbed
Because I feel sick and bad
I can’t be a curbed
Because this makes me very disturbed.

Welcome to the new world
In a conversation with no word
Welcome to the human trade
You can here everything to negate
Here's your *****
There in the ground, like a slave
Dig your own grave.

And I will try to be a renegade
In this new hell
My eyes are like a blade
My spirit is something played
But not this game
We're not all the same
Although it is a similar theme
There are a few thousands of us renegades
Once, our voice will be heard as a thousand hurricanes.
Ivan Mihajlovic Jan 2019
Quiet, quiet, slowly, in the dark
Quiet, dark, dark color
Black sounds grow
I wonder if this is my shadow?

What are those moves and screams, back there
I can not see it from the near
Let the bright light of darkness
Deep as black pits.

Deep in the woods sleeping wolf
And a terrible sound is heard
I can not get in the air
That cloud that is created in the dark.

I'm constantly wondering, and I know there's no answer
What's in the dark?
What is the dark topic?
Silence is not enough for a day in the air
And we talk quietly in the dark
One shadow stands in the ditch.

I look at a man, his eyes are flames
A ghost like a wall
I see how the black color of his blood flows into his veins
Hey, are you a vampire or a demon of the night?
Are you a terrible devil?
He stands stiff and looks at me right
Minute silence as eternity
Saying briefly and sharply, Hi, hello.
The man in the dark takes off his hat
He approaches me and opens a folder.
I am just an ordinary lost and abandoned soul
The story begins man in the dark
Lost and drowned souls
What can not hear his heart.

The day the love came out of me
And the light of the soul disappears
There was only ashes and spiders, smoke and dust
And great darkness, night and darkness
And there's no white air
You can not find me a sight and a trace.

And this is all from love and passion
As Angel burns, I will fall as well
And deep in the darkness
Deep in black
The dark raven on the branch stands alone
I know, my soul is in a question mark
In a wild park
Deep in the dark.
Ivan Mihajlovic Dec 2018
I'm waking up in a distant land
Without a goal I'm going, the wind brings me to the sea
Everywhere he looks at the empty and somewhat grain of sand
The wind is strong and I can’t find a lee.

In this foreign time
I feel like I'm a stranger anywhere
I don’t understand the words, everywhere pantomime
The danger is everywhere
In each one of us is hiding
Some sort of, some avenger.

It's not the sun that shines
There is something in the short thunder
I don’t know what to say
And I'm looking for something under
A great dark cloud
I wonder, I wonder
Because I was born at the end of the sumer
Where is my lucky number?
And did I become a hunter?

Let the house be high in the hill
She wants someone to open her door
To fill the empty shore
Does anyone know what's in our core?
The high hill and the air is still cold, cold land,
There will remain a ghost in him until the end.

In this foreign time
I feel like I'm a stranger anywhere
I don’t understand the words, everywhere pantomime
The danger is everywhere
In each one of us is hiding
Some sort of, some avenger.

In a wild night, a voice calls a shadow
Which wanders far away
And my spirit runs high and low
Just slowly, quietly in this show
Let it go, let it go, this has started much ago.
Ivan Mihajlovic Dec 2018
Wild scents
All I can give you
These are my words and my dream
Ever since I met you
Every happy day.
And don’t forget the words
What will I tell you.
In my imagination you are Iris
A wild scent runs through your veins.
He still invaded the intoxicating rose
Your golden hand delivers wild taste
Oh, how are you sailing into my shadows
You're going back, you follow me in the footsteps
And to experience an hundred
It's a little bit for my trough river
I want to be with you
Endless and eternal.
Since when you sail in my dream
I celebrate every day
A moment of happiness
And my wheel of destiny
It's moving uphill
When I'm not worried about anything, I don’t care
And if you ever leave my dream
Know, my shadow will die
And do not forget the words
While you are here, I celebrate every minute
Every hour and every rain
While the sun and the rain breathe together
They love writing in my heart
The feeling and smell of wild rose
The hand will remain in dream that she gives wild taste.
Ivan Mihajlovic Dec 2018
In the old house
In born vilage
One bird
Like an arrow.

And fly long, long
For some time now
Something slippery
From a distance
It's time for some time.

Below the window
In my room
Cry of dawn
One bird
And nightmares
There, under the window.

On a cold night
Dream closes my eyes
I don’t know where to go tonight
Stairway busts me
Lightning whisper
Into the valley.

Shadow walk
Below lightning and thunder
It's winter and it doesn’t blossom
This night of memory is full
My spirit is a bird of a bone.

Below the window
In my room
Cry of dawn
One bird
And nightmares
There, under the window.

Oh, you're under the window
Without you, the dawn is bright
Oh, run away from my dawn
In the distance I watch
I want to dream
It's warm sea

Oh, run away from my window.
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