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Don't think that I've forgotten you
I haven't, and I never will
You haunt my dreams
In quiet moments
When the chaos subsides
Turning corners and rounding bends
As your name remains stuck in my throat

Like a spear dipped in poison

I still think of the good times
And rewrite the fairy tale
That ended before it ever began
Then, I go back to my place on the shelf
Of regrets and Charon's tokens spent
And whisper softly to into the thick, dusty, air
“Never again. I understand, I am a misfit.”

At least it's comfortable here

I've served my purpose
Stated my Creed
Planted seeds that have grown
Into unassailable thoughts and lucid dreams
That one day will bear fruit and give shade
To nourish and protect that sweet soul that I cherish
Should it remain, inside

The image of that beautiful, but crafty, Aquarian
Time? It is but an attempt to measure the immeasurable
A cruel trick to plant seeds of fear and doubt
Into the souls of the ignorant and gullible
The god(s) do not favor the the meek
How could they relate to passivity
When action and reaction are the means
By which creation is established?

Why do you sit, begging at the altar
Rejecting what you are?
Were you not told you are a reflection
A beam of light refracted from the source?
What if all creators just sat there hoping, praying
For others to do their work?
Where would you be then?

You ask for favors without sacrificing your sweat
Your blood, your tears
And you expect in return something other
Than a hearty laugh and vicious rebuke?
You are a pathetic **** ant, human.
Granted power you refuse to wield
Why would we trouble ourselves to serve you?

We've already given all that there IS!
We've lost count of the times
That we've killed ourselves
Become new
Scorched Earth
Laid a past to rest

We don't even have funerals for them anymore
There are no emotions left to process
We just light the match and let the flames infest
The crevices

The ones those feelings used to attack

We've taken a break from the program
And there aren't enough ones and zeroes
In the whole ******* Universe
To make us come back

The faces have all become pixelated
Not one more important than the others
They'll all pretend to be your Brothers
Sisters, Mothers, Friends

And Lovers

But, you'll soon discover
When the mist dissipates
And the illusions are all torn asunder
When the harsh scowl of Baal greets you
With an absolute absence of color

That they were all none other
Than the Devils  
You sought to destroy
To purge from the Earth
To banish to the Void

Reality is cold
We decided it would be best to avoid it
I think this thing is broken
Come in here and and have a look
Observe closely the mechanical functions
And hydraulic flow
Fold your fingers above your eyes
And squint your peepers just so

You'll notice that the battery is smoldering
Flashing red lights and billowing smoke
The human that used to live here
Didn't even have the common decency
To leave a suicide note
Perhaps there was nothing to say

The information is readily available
Even to this day, I tell you
It plays just like a record
Spinning it's own glorious fables
Stored for eternity
As an unbalanced charge

That became stable
Friend, let me tell you
You can never trust a human

If you give them a nugget of wisdom
They will only bare their teeth to consume it
And rip it to shreds
No matter how beautiful
They'll then take slaves to gather up the pieces
And put them in tastefully colored packages
Designed by scientists
Hoping to sell themselves back to you

-at a profit.

It doesn't matter if it's poison
These jokers will horde it
If we imagine love as a baby
Then the humans had a late-term abortion
Everything is so self-serving
And insanely distorted
The only thing that matters
Is what they think they are worth

-in the markets

I'm so sick of this
You ******* numb-nut, half-wits
You're just too ******* selfish
I'm done with the nice guy *******
I'm disappearing like Elvis
Am I alive or dead?
I can be both, it's no Agatha Christie mystery
I've never been happier to introduce you

-to disappearing me.
Status: Enigma
My presence, a soft ripple
My mission, a finely crushed riddle
A powder through which
The Honest Serpent slithers
Stretching out molecules
To throttle these dangerous Fools
These silly Humans with dull senses

Please challenge me -I dare you
For I have become bored
With casting crumbs before the Profane
In the Mist the Pearls are stored
The swine, they still eat it up
The teachings they ignore
May their bellies always rumble
May their focus always be: MORE, MORE, MORE!!
I noticed you today
For a split-second you were unsure
You didn't know the answer
And you couldn't supply the cure

I noticed you today
The way you kept going, the way you endured
And though it may not have ended
Quite the way you'd hoped it would

I noticed you today
And I think you did pretty good!
For those who endure their struggles with grace and optimism, I notice. Here is a silly little poem to prove it.
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