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micro Jan 2016
I don't know what am I to do
With all these leftover feelings of you,
I don't know I'm supposed to say
They haunt me everyday.

And times they come, when I'm alone
I feel the urge to pick up the phone.
But what am I going to say,
I've lost you then not yesterday.

I fall asleep in a sea of madness,
I drown myself in my own sorrow
'Cause I know that without you
I have no tomorrow.
micro Nov 2015
Last night you asked me why I listen to these songs,
With lyrics that are sad and make me feel
That everything around is worse.

I did not have and answer then,
Nor do I have it now
But don't you know that when you're not around
I find myself looking for you in the lyrics of this sound.

And when sometimes I find you there
Everything seems to be okay again.
micro Oct 2015
You and I,
We use the same language,
We have the same voice,
We live in the same body,
That you and I rejoice.

Even in the darkness
We find each other's hearts
And from within we harness
The glitter of the stars.
micro Oct 2015
Everyday is full of darkness,
Everyday is full of sorrow,
Only one thing keeps me alive:
The thought that I might see you tomorrow.

— The End —