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inksignificant Oct 2013

and if feeling i still can't achieve
i should better off be d e a d
dead people don't feel

inksignificant Oct 2013
for i will adorn you with
lovely kisses and
stars i stole
from the beautiful skies
you and i painted

inksignificant Oct 2013
go ahead,
gun to my

inksignificant Oct 2013
she paints amazing paintings,
she writes beautiful poems,
she sings wonderful lyrics,
she dances fantastic choreography.

except there's a little twist to this
incredible artist-

she paints amazing paintings on her body,
she writes beautiful poems in the form of tears,
she sings wonderful lyrics from the desolate part of her heart,
she dances fantastic choreography by the demons shadowing her soul.

she doesn't know reality from dreams or imaginations,
she doesn't know what real happiness is; just plastered smiles,
she doesn't know if it's genuine care or just adulation,
she doesn't know anything anymore,
all that she knows now is
                                                s ­        a          d           n         e         s              s    

and she can't escape.

inksignificant Oct 2013
she thought she was strong;
she could control her demons
but she was just wrong.

inksignificant Oct 2013
she's lost interest in everything,
she's drowned too deep,
she's lost all feelings.
hiding in her head
are her demons.
she wished
she'd just

inksignificant Oct 2013
sometimes we laugh,
but tears always follow.
sometimes we smile,
but inside, we're hollow.

the eyes tell everything,
but not many can read.
genuine care and some lovely hugs,
maybe that's all we really need.

what you think,
isn't always true.
i promise,
i'll be there for you.

your beautiful smile
is what gets me through bad days,
but i cry inside because
it utterly hurts to see your sad gaze.

your lovely kind words,
they make me flatter,
but nothing's compared to
your love that's grown fatter.

honey, with me you don't
have to bother lying,
because i see it in your eyes-
they're no longer shining.

all i want is nothing more
that to see you at your happiest
even though
you go through the nastiest.

because i long to see
those lights again,
together we'll pull through
this horrific pain.

these last few words
i have for you-
you're strong, you're incredible
and i love you.

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