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brooklyn Aug 2019
beauty is pain, darling
plucked eyebrows, pulled hair
perfect teeth and plastic features

with her cherry lips and golden curls
she knows you want (to be) her
it may not make you happy
but at least you’ll be beautiful
brooklyn Aug 2019
he walks on the battlefield
to each man woman child
he whispers lullabies of bloodlust

he doesn’t care who wins
he just wants them to fight
war is his game; he has yet to lose
brooklyn Aug 2019
what is war but a puzzle to solve?
her soldiers her game pieces
acceptable loss wins the war

she knows the odds
she knows who will die
she smiles and tells them to fight, to win
another puzzle solved
brooklyn Aug 2019
the ring on your finger
means nothing when she sees you
in her husband’s bed

the forgotten wife of a faithless god
but the goddess of marriage
always keeps her vows
peacocks have talons, too
brooklyn Aug 2019
death will wait
around the corner
down the street
in the shadows
death will wait

he will come and take your hand
you can not sway him with your pleas
he has waited long enough
brooklyn Aug 2019
the ocean is cruel
the ocean laughs as it drowns
men women children
all welcome in its watery embrace

he floods your ships and your shores
with salt on his cheeks
and a roaring laugh
brooklyn Aug 2019
lightning does not feel
lightning does not care where it strikes
without mercy
without remorse
it burns

he directs it with a point of his finger
he knows who he smites
he just doesn’t care
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